Your top social media updates for June 2016

June has been a busy month in the world of social media!

Numerous updates have been rolled out for advertisers on various social networks, and Snapchat has overtaken Twitter in terms of daily active users.

Check out these updates and more in this month’s social roundup:


Facebook has announced some new Facebook Live features. The platform will allow two-way streaming (meaning two people in different locations will be able to stream at the same time). In addition, users will be able to pre-schedule their broadcasts and have a virtual waiting room for participants.

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The Facebook Like has a new look. The Like button, which is embedded in millions of web pages, removes the “f” and replaces it with the familiar thumbs-up icon. The number of likes will appear in the new blue button.

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Facebook will soon change the way its 1.65 billion users discover stories in their News Feed. The social network will prioritize updates from friends and family over brands.

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Facebook is about to launch its own version of store visit conversions in its ads reporting tool. This will give Facebook advertisers the ability to analyze and optimize their creative, targeting, and ad spend.

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Instagram’s user base has jumped to 500 million monthly active users. Sixty percent of Instagram users, or an incredible 300 million people, now use the app every day.

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Your top social media updates for June 2016


Pinterest is upping its e-commerce game and wants to become the go-to social shopping platform. They introduced four new shopping features to help businesses increase their online sales.

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Pinterest Advertising is about to get some much-needed features that have been available on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for a while: customer list targeting, visitor retargeting, and lookalike targeting.

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According to Bloomberg News, 150 million people use Snapchat every day, surpassing Twitter’s average of 136 million daily active users.

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In a bid to boost revenue, Snapchat, which now has more than 150 million daily active users, has revealed new details on how brands can advertise on the platform in the future.

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Twitter has announced a new feature called “Stickers”, which is basically a mix of hashtags, emojis, and Snapchat filters all wrapped into one easy-to-use photo feature.

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With the launch of a new desktop and iOS app called Dashboard, Twitter is trying to help busy SMBs engage with current customers and reach new customers.

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Your top social media updates for June 2016


YouTube has announced that it will add live streaming functionality to the company’s mobile app. At first, the feature will be restricted to select YouTubers, but a wider release is expected to come in the future.

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Just like you have 140 characters per tweet, you can now share videos up to 140 seconds long on Twitter.

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If your audience uses emojis and you want to target those users with Twitter campaigns, now you can. Emoji keyword targeting is coming to Twitter Ads.

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