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A consultant uses his artistic talent to raise medical funds for Ukraine

A hospital consultant who took up oil painting to relax during the pressures of the Covid pandemic is now selling her creations to raise money for Ukraine.

Dr Jennifer Elder, consultant pulmonologist at Ulster Hospital, uses the landscape of the Co Down coast to inspire her photos.

Dr Elder, along with other doctors from across the UK, have joined MAU (Medical Aid Ukraine) which is raising funds to send essential medical supplies to Ukraine.

The equipment and ambulances donated to the cause are now in active use in Ukrainian hospitals and the fundraising by MAU amounts to nearly £100,000.

Dr Elder, who was born in Scotland but has lived in Co Down for 19 years, said her artwork was inspired by places of beauty such as Strangford Lough, Murlough and Tobermory.

She said: “I’m primarily a respiratory doctor, but now breathing art – there are a lot of things that make us feel alive and, for me, painting is one of them.

“I started painting during confinement as a means of escape, after long days of work in a Covid-19 high dependency service.

“We all experience hundreds of different lights and moods in a day, which I hope I have captured in my paintings.

“That’s one of the reasons I started painting.”