uBlock Origin gets a dark theme for its interface

The open source ad blocking extension, uBlock Origin, now has a dark theme for its interface. It was one of the most requested features by users.

uBlock Origin adds support for a dark theme

Dark mode was initially tested in the development version of the extension, before being transferred to the stable version.

original ublock light theme vs dark theme

Once you’ve updated to uBlock Origin 1.41.0, you can open the Dashboard, switch to the Settings pane, to find a new section called Appearance. It has a drop-down menu that lets you switch to dark theme, light theme, or set it to automatically change the theme based on your browser settings.

uBlock Origin adds support for a dark theme

The extension also supports custom accent colors which you can choose from the color palette.

original ublock custom accent colors

Other fixes in uBlock Origin 1.41.0

In December 2021, I wrote that uBlock Origin had introduced a workaround, which prevented YouTube ads from bypassing add-on filters, right after the user launched the browser. The problem was that Chromium-based browsers were sending network requests to servers to resume tab activity from the previous session. The latest version of the extension introduces a parameter that fixes the problem. It prevents all network activity on browser launch and waits for add-on filter lists to be loaded to block ads, after which tabs are loaded with appropriate ad filtration. The new option is enabled by default and can be enabled from the Filter Lists tab. It is labeled “Pause network activity until all filter lists are loaded”.

ublock origin suspends network activity

The new version of the extension will not use background images on web pages as a top candidate in Element Picker mode. This will allow users to choose prominent elements of web pages, for example, a reminder banner that prompts you to accept cookies from the site before you can click on other elements on the page.

Websites that implemented FingerprintJS V3 apparently did not allow video playback after detecting the extension. A validation of the ad blocker code resolves this issue. The uBlock Origin 1.41.0 update also resolves a conflict with the WebRTC Protect extension. The minimum system requirements for uBlock Origin have been increased and you will need to have Firefox 68, or Chromium 66, or Opera 53, to use the latest version of the ad blocker. The version change was made in order to remove support for the classic popup panel, the legacy UI was actually deprecated when the extension was updated to 1.27.0.

uBlock Origin 1.41.0 has already been submitted on Firefox AMO, Chrome Web Store, Microsoft Store and Opera Add-ons. The latest version has not yet been approved, but will soon be available as an automatic update.

I don’t recommend it, but if you want to test out the dark theme right now, you can do so by installing the dev version of the add-on from GitHub. These releases are not signed like the store releases, so use them at your discretion. Firefox users can turn to the nightly version of the browser and set the following preference value to False in the about:config page. xpinstall.signatures.required.

This will allow you to switch the appearance of uBlock Origin to the dark theme, as described earlier in this article.


uBlock Origin gets a dark theme and a new option to block ads on browser launch

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uBlock Origin gets a dark theme and a new option to block ads on browser launch

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uBlock Origin finally has a dark theme. The latest update also brings a setting to block network activity on browser launch.




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