UAE: University students debate merits and demerits of social media – News

Some say it’s an essential communication tool; others say it leads to bad habits

Published: Thu 30 June 2022, 12:57

Students at UAE University voiced their opinions on the positive and negative aspects of social media to mark World Social Media Day on June 30.

Ibrahim Al Balushi, who is studying engineering, says modern technology has made it incredibly easy for us to communicate and social media sends news from anywhere on earth in seconds.

“Social media brings many benefits. Distance is no longer a barrier, barriers are removed and people are using it to find jobs and a source of income,” he said.

“However, it has also had adverse effects, including weakening family ties, isolating some individuals and leading others to neglect their responsibilities.”

Al Balushi pointed out that social media often fills students’ days to study and access information from experienced experts.

“It also plays a leading role in decision-making, allowing us to consult specialists in areas of personal interest who resolve questions and guide decisions,” he added.

Another student, Moza Al Azizi, from the Faculty of Science, says she uses social media to develop her artistic talents and publish her work. She sees it as a way to remove barriers to meeting people with similar interests and learning from experienced people.

Al Azizi says there are more positives than negatives to social media because it allows users to learn and adapt. The disadvantages stem from the fact that users waste their time with it and become addicted.

Ahmed Issa, a student at the Faculty of Information Technology, believes that social media helps family and friends communicate and is a way to be entertained and benefit from various sources of information. Yet, Issa explains that just as information and news can be communicated quickly, so can rumors and bad habits, and some people get drawn into fraud and extortion.


Hamdan Al Hammoudi says social media is a gateway to fame and fortune as much as a gateway to information and news.

“The biggest benefit I’ve had from social media is making long-distance friendships and connecting with them easily and seamlessly. Social media can bring a wide variety of people together in one place, to collaborate on common but niche interests,” Al Hammoudi said.

“I have also used social media to develop communication and debating skills, and there are people I have never met face to face but who have had a big and profound impact on me, instilling and strengthening my leadership capacity.

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