Twitter loses immunity in India over user-generated content | Social Media News

The court statement is the first time that Modi’s government has officially declared that Twitter has lost its immunity.

Twitter Inc. no longer enjoys liability protection against user-generated content in India because the microblogging giant failed to comply with new IT rules, the Indian government said in a court filing.

The statement is the first time Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has officially declared that Twitter has lost its immunity after repeatedly criticizing the company for non-compliance.

The dispute and public row has raised concerns that US-based companies will struggle to do business in a tighter regulatory environment.

India’s IT ministry told the New Delhi High Court that Twitter’s non-compliance amounted to a violation of IT law provisions, causing the US company to lose its immunity, according to the filing dated 5 July.

The filing came in a case filed by a Twitter user who wanted to complain about some allegedly defamatory tweets on the platform, and said the company was not complying with the new law which requires the appointment of certain new executives.

Twitter declined to comment. The company has previously said it is making every effort to comply.

India’s new IT rules that came into force at the end of May aim to regulate the content of social media companies and make them more accountable for legal demands to quickly delete posts and share details about the authors of posts.

Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad slammed Twitter for deliberately defying the law and said all social media companies must abide by the new rules.

In recent weeks, as acrimony grew between New Delhi and Twitter, Indian police filed at least five complaints against the company or its officials, including some related to child pornography and a controversial map of India on its page. career.

Police in two Indian states have named Twitter India chief Manish Maheshwari in complaints.

Separately, the state of Uttar Pradesh has challenged in the Supreme Court a ban on police action against Maheshwari, after a lower court protected him from arrest on a charge that the platform had been used to spread hatred.