Transfer News LIVE, July 3: Chelsea eyes Cristiano, battle for Gnabry…

Hello everyone and welcome to our live blog on the MARCA In English transfer market this Sunday, July 3, where we’ll have all the latest news on completed deals and transfer rumours.

July is here, the transfer market is really heating up and we’ll bring you all the new deals announced this Sunday, as well as all the juiciest rumours.

As is always the case with our live blogs on the transfer market, updates follow below and the most recent are those closest to the top.

Transfer Market: Rumors and Breaking News on Sunday July 3

This is therefore our daily live blog on the transfer market, the space where we have covered the transfer market so far and where we will continue to provide updates on the latest transfer news throughout the summer months.

Every day we will have all the latest news like Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Barcelona looking to get stronger, but we won’t just be covering Spanish teams in these live transfer market blogs, as we’ll also have news for Premier League giants like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpoolin addition to teams from Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and beyond.

Over the summer, we’ll be using this space to bring you the latest transfer news as it happens.

If there’s a confirmed deal or contract renewal, we’ll bring you the details here and explain who’s going where or staying where.

If there’s an interesting rumor in the transfer market, we’ll also bring it to your attention and break down whether or not it’s likely to materialize.

So follow us this Friday to stay up to date with the latest transfer market news.