Tom Brady Will Survive –

Tom Brady will survive

August 3, 2022

Tom Brady fangirl.

Joe understands that Bucs fans are lining up at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in an effort to deal with their grief over the loss of center Ryan Jensen.

Well, Cynthia Frelund, the NFL Network’s stats girl, has some comforting words (and numbers) for Bucs fans struggling to come to terms with their grief.

Tom Brady, Frelund insists, will lead the NFL in passing touchdowns this fall with 40. And yes, that’s without Jensen.

I can make the case for NFC quarterbacks with prolific projections being good preseason MVP picks. There are a ton of excellent QBs in the AFC, so it will be quite difficult to stand out there. Not to mention, Brady finished second in MVP voting last season. Brady’s O-line health will count here — his 2.2 sack rate last season was the third-lowest for a QB in any season since 2016, per NGS — so Ryan Jensen’s injury definitely hurts the veteran QB , who turns 45 this week. If Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones and Russell Gage can all get healthy at the same time, Tampa will have the highest earnings share value in a group of positions in my models in at least five seasons.

Well, what Brady does and has done throughout his long career defies logic even less. But 40 touchdowns at 45? Shit.

Joe will say this: If Brady throws 40 touchdown passes, that’s basically 10 a month, the Bucs will be fine once January rolls around. And Joe assumes Robert Hainsey will be fine too.