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I don’t know the origin story of the phrase The winds of change but I dig it…it fits well with the theme of this blog tonight. Times soared again in the 80s and 90s with coastal locations (again) spared the worst thanks to a cold ocean. Boston didn’t hit the record temperature (temperature high of 88 vs. record 93), but Worcester managed to match its record temperature of 90… well done! Luckily, that’s it for the summer heat and humidity. A cold front is moving through the area as I type and that front will be pushing all that summer air out to sea by early Monday morning.

Monday is shaping up to be a great day… well… as great as a Monday gets. The good news is that the next three days are also looking very pleasant.

Granted, some people may find the low 60s along the coast too cool for their tastes, but it is what it is (again, what is the origin story of this phrase??)

Overall, the week ahead is dry and comfortable with seasonal temperatures and low humidity and… starting tonight, a first look at the Memorial Day Holiday weekend looks nothing like the debacle of the last year (rain and 50 for three days).

Hopefully the 7 Days ages well throughout the week. The next chance of rain is late Thursday night and Friday.


~ J.R.

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