The social media news you missed: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

media update Christine Gerber reveals exactly what these new developments are and why they matter.

The Facebook Snooze Button

The news: In an attempt to prevent spoilers from appearing and ruining your shows, books or movies on Facebook, the social platform added a new “Keyword Snooze” feature in its News Feed commands.

Here’s how it works: Before posting your next update on Facebook, select the arrow next to the “Post” button and click the “Repeat” option. Facebook will automatically pull keywords from the text of your posts and hide them for up to 30 days.

Image from Facebook Newsroom

For example, if you post to game of thrones and you want to avoid any spoilers from the next episode, Facebook will detect the keywords in your post and block all future posts containing the keyword(s) you select to “repeat”. However, it should be noted that this feature does not apply to ads.

Why is this important: The new feature allows you to prioritize your content even further. According to the platformwhile it aims to show you the most relevant posts from your News Feed, it doesn’t “always get it right”.

Facebook says that’s why it continues to offer features like “Queuing keywords‘, ‘Hide‘, ‘see first‘, ‘No longer follow‘ and ‘Take a nap‘. Snooze differs from Keyword Snooze, allowing you to hide posts from a user or page for 30 days instead of just keywords.

Instagram’s new features

The news: Instagram has been incredibly busy lately, with the recent launch of its Instagram IGTV video hub, and now two additional new features: You’re All Caught Up and Do Not Disturb.

You are all caught up: If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll soon notice a new message popping up when you’ve scrolled past the last two days: “You’re all caught up,” it will say.

It’s Instagram’s way of letting you know you’ve seen every post so far and you don’t need to scroll any further, making it easier to follow what’s happening in your feed. topical. It also ensures that you won’t miss any new posts – all you have to do is scroll.

Do not disturb: Tech Crunch reports Instagram and Facebook are currently testing a new Do Not Disturb feature, which will let you mute your notifications from both apps for up to an entire day.

The function was identified by Matt Navarre and whatsapp beta.

Image from Tech Crunch

The Do Not Disturb feature could be a preventative way for Facebook and Instagram to prevent users from leaving social platforms together. If you’re a little irritated by the constant swarm of notifications from either app, there’s at least one way for you to turn it off, even if it’s for a short time.

It will also save you from the ever looming disaster of “social media addiction”. If you’re at an event or meeting, you don’t want to be caught on your phone watching funny animal videos.

One-way broadcast mode of WhatsApp

The news: WhatsApp recently rolled out a one-way communication flow for administrators. The new setting only allows single admins to send messages to WhatsApp groups.
Here’s how it works: To enable the setting, all you need to do is open the group info in the app, tap Group Settings > Send Messages, then select “Admins Only”. Remember that you can only select this option if you are already a group admin.

Why is this important: WhatsApp says it launched the feature as a way for teachers, parents, or even nonprofit organizations to spread important information without any interruption from other users.

This feature could be a unique way for businesses to broadcast new events to the public and keep them updated with alerts so that posts don’t get lost in the crowd.

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