The Impact of Gen Z’s Negative Attributes

I may sound judgmental, but it’s the Gen Z attitude that gives me the confidence to say things about them. Generation Z refers to young people between the ages of 15 and 21. The popular phenomenon must be a little different. I will list a few traits that bother me a lot in this generation.

1. Eager to become extremely rich and enjoy all the luxuries in the world.

2. Take life too lightly. Less inclined to obey the law. Safety measures such as wearing seat belts, helmets, etc. are considered chains or links. Traffic rules are violated at every available opportunity.

3. Family values ​​decline. It is rare to make the effort to spend time with family.

4. The general system of values ​​is absent. Values ​​can be easily twisted and discarded. This generation has a very high ego. The elderly are afraid to come into confrontation with them.

The list will go on and on. But then he won’t get any solutions by pointing.

It is imperative to find the reason behind this attitude.

As parents too, we must bear some of the blame. We fail to imbibe the values ​​they contain.

The digital age plays a big role in shaping such an attitude in this generation. It can be unwarranted exposure to violence, pornography, guns, drugs, or spying on the lives of the wealthy.

The clock should relax and slow down a bit. It is difficult to adapt to the speed of technological progress and at the same time to forge a personality.

Generations are built through individuals, and each individual needs time to feed and propagate. To build a generation that is rock solid and rich in values, society, administration, flag bearers and others must work together. I wish to call them gentlemen and gentlewomen, which is not the case these days.

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