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With its third race in just 14 days, the final round of the 2022 edition Super League Triathlon Championship Series go back to Zuma beach, malibuthis coming Saturday.

After the Triple Mix in London and the Enduro in Munich, it will be Eliminator for the SLT athletes this weekend. Here are all the details you need to know.

Start time and watch live

The races take place on Sunday, September 17, 2022.

  • Women’s Eliminator starts at 1308 local time (2108 UK, 2208 CET, 1608 Eastern Standard Time)
  • Men’s Eliminator starts at 1420 local time (2220 UK, 2320 CET, 1720 Eastern Standard Time)

The good news is You can look every second of Super League Triathlon Malibu 2022 live here on Via the embed, we’ll add closer timing below so you don’t miss a second of the action.

And our live blog Sunday also offers the perfect ‘second screen’ experience, again with expert guidance from Lucy and Mark Buckingham.

The broadcast will also be available on the BBC Red Button, iPlayer, Discovery+ and TriathlonLIVE, and will begin at 1:00 p.m. local time, shortly before the race start times above.

The events are also free – so come see the action in person.

Who participates in the Super League Triathlon Malibu?

The nature of Super League Triathlon racing is that you can get familiar with basically the same athletes racing in every round of the Championship Series.

After Alex Yee (London) and Laura Lindemann (Munich), there are a few wild cards and changes coming up in Malibu. We have already highlighted the appearance of the Team INEOS driver Cameron Wurfbut there are also a few other names.

They understand Germany Maximilian Sperl and athlete at home Davis Bove. Sperl will actually step in for the remainder of the series, replacing the injured Joao Silva on the Rhinos team.

Two male athletes absent from the Munich roster this week are Panagiotis Bitados and Kenji Nener, so Bove will run for Michelle Dillon’s Sharks, and Wurf will wear the colors of the Scorpions at the top of the table.

As she told us on Sunday, no Sophie Coldwell in the Cheetahs Fan Team, and she will be replaced by the wild card of summer report.

Cassandre Beaugrand was still going to be out for this round, and so stepping in to replace her for a week for the Scorpions will be Britain Jessica Fullagar. Jess of course won Commonwealth Games gold as a guide to Katie Crowhurst at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and then became elite British Senior Champion at the British Triathlon Grand Final in Sunderland.

Continuing the theme of supporting local talent, there is another wild card entry, Gina Serrano. Serrano will race under the colors of the Cheetahs.

That leaves 20 men and 21 women who will start on Saturday.

Coldwell’s absence could really open up the overall standings for everyone. With Beaugrand also absent – ​​and having had a bad day in Munich as well – big points this weekend for Verena Steinhauser or Beth Potter in particular, would see them soar in the overall standings. Similarly, more better results of Georgia Taylor Brown and Taylor Spivey could make them hard to catch, with just two races left after this one.

Matt Hauser and Hayden Wilde will face each other again, separated by a single point in total. Although he does not yet have a podium, his fifth place in London and his fourth in Munich show that things are moving in the right direction for Jonny Brownlee. This consistency currently places him third in the points standings.

Photo credit: Chris Sansom / Super League Triathlon

The lesson

The format in Malibu is ELIMINATOR. There will be three regular triathlons (swim-bike-run), with a short break in between. The last three athletes to finish in Stage 1 will be eliminated. Same thing in step 2.

All remaining athletes earn total points in Stage 3, with that final element a pursuit start based on the combined times from Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Each stage will consist of a 300m ocean swim (one lap), a 3.6km cycle (three laps) and a 1.6km run (two laps), on the coast next to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Georgia Taylor Brown Super League Malibu Triathlon 2021

The 90 second rule is in play. Thus, any athlete who loses 90 seconds or more of the pace of the leader at the end of each individual round receives the yellow elimination flag and is disqualified.

Short falls – new rules apply

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Short Chute is still part of Super League Triathlon’s DNA for 2022. If you’re new, the Short Chute is a “shortcut” that can be taken in the race by an athlete, having earned this right at a previous point in the race. Think of it as a real-time bonus, rather than a post-race adjustment (as is the case on the Tour de France for example). This way, the “first to cross the finish line wins” stays.

Short Chute Vincent Luis Jersey 2019 photo credit Tommy Zaferes Super League Triathlon
[Photo credit: Tommy Zaferes / Super League Triathlon]

You can win a short slide in Malibu as follows:

  • 1. the first athletes to cross the Mount Line after the Stage 1 swim,
  • 2. the first to cross the Mount Line after cycling in Stage 1 (i.e. after T2, race start)
  • 3. the first athlete to cross the Mount Line at the end of Stage 1 (i.e. the first to complete Stage 1)

Short falls are always taken in the last race – stage 3. And always in lap 1, so even if you have an advantage, you are not over the line yet. It’s a good move, and it will avoid situations like the somewhat disappointing finish – after a great race – in Munich last year, when Vincent Luis was able to take advantage of this advantage just near the finish line .

With the development of the concept of SLT teams, team leaders can choose which of their team will be assigned the short drop. So while a fast swimmer might gain a short fall (point 1 above), the team might choose to assign that advantage to another member of the team, who may be better placed to provide the overall success of the race at the end. of the final step.

Also note – no matter what, a team can only win one short fall in an individual race.

SLT standings after Munich


  • 1. Georgia Taylor-Brown – 28 points
  • 2. Taylor Spivey – 27 points
  • 3. Sophie Coldwell – 26pts
  • 4. Verena Steinhauser – 17 points
  • 5. Beth Potter – 16 points
  • 6. Cassandra Beaugrand – 15pts
  • 7. Miriam Casillas Garcia – 13pts
  • 8. Kate Waugh – 13 points
  • 9. Nicole Van Der Kaay – 12pts
  • 10. Jeanne Lehair – 12pts
  • 11. Laura Lindemann – 11pts
  • 12. Rachel Klamer – 10pts
  • 13. Off Stanford – 10 points
  • 14. Sian Rainsley – 10pts
  • 15. Cathia Schar – 9pts
  • 16. Sophie Green – 5 points
  • 17. Natalie Van Coevorden – 4pts
  • 18. Emma Jeffcoat – 2pts
Georgia Taylor Brown podium Munich SLT 2022


  • 1. Matthew Hauser – 29 points
  • 2. Hayden Wilde – 28 points
  • 3. Jonny Brownlee – 23pts
  • 4. Kenji Nener – 20 points
  • 5. Vasco Vilaca – 19pts
  • 6. Tayler Reid – 18 points
  • 7. Chase McQueen – 13pts
  • 8. Tyler Mislawchuk – 13pts
  • 9. Alex Yee – 13 points
  • 10. Shachar Sagiv – 12pts
  • 11. Sergio Baxter Cabrera – 12pts
  • 12. Emil Holm – 11pts
  • 13. Daniel Dixon – 9pts
  • 14. Valentin Wernz – 6pts
  • 15. Richard Murray – 6pts
  • 16. Max Stapley – 4 points
  • 17. Jamie Riddle – 4pts
SLT Munich 2022 Men Podium
Photo Credit: Darren Wheeler – This Cameraman/SuperLeague


  • 1. Scorpios – 164 points
  • 2. Sharks – 148 points
  • 3. Cheetahs – 125 points
  • 4. Rhinoceros – 125 points
  • 5. Eagles – 115 points
Bahrain Victorious Scorpions Super League Triathlon 2022
Photo Credit: Darren Wheeler – This Cameraman/SuperLeague