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Happy Sunday, South Florida!

I hope everyone had a good start to the weekend. It was picture perfect in South Florida as we enjoyed lots of sunshine during the afternoon and a low chance of rain. Slightly drier air minimized our chance of rain and any storms that developed were concentrated in the interior sections of South Florida or the West Coast. This morning we woke up to a few isolated showers but like Saturday temperatures were in the mid 70’s. One difference we noticed is that today we woke up to mostly sunny skies.

Today we can expect a similar pattern to the first half of the weekend. A few morning to isolated showers will eventually spread towards South Florida intersections and towards the West Coast. As for the southeast coast of Florida, we can expect the chance of rain to remain low with plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures in the mid to upper 80s once again. However, due to the extra humidity in the air, our LIKE TEMPERATURES will be in the high 90s, so be sure to keep water nearby if you’re spending a lot of time outside today. Today we enjoy this beautiful blue sky for one more day before the weather starts to change again.

And these weather changes will begin on Monday. Humidity will increase in our region ahead of our next front (yes, another front in mid-April) and this will increase our chance of rain and storms throughout the day on Monday. Monday is expected to start dry and scorching, but the storms will begin to “erupt” just around lunch time in the afternoon. And some of the storms that develop have the potential to be strong to severe. While strong winds and hail appear to be the main threats on Monday, flooding could also be a concern due to slow storms.

The front appears to cross South Florida on Tuesday and while we are not expecting a major cooling with this front, we WILL FEEL the difference as we turn the corner in the second half of the work week where levels of Humidity starts to drop a bit. Afternoon highs during this time will be in the mid to high 80s (actually near normal for some), which will provide some relief this time around. The breeze will also pick up during this time, so the temperatures, while warm, will not be uncomfortable. The showers return at the end of the work week.

Have a good day!

Erika Delgado
WSVN Channel 7 News

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