Social Media Update | Week of July 17, 2017

This week’s Skim: LinkedIn finally gets native video functionality, launches Lite version of its mobile app for emerging markets, also rolls out Windows 10 app to help you stay on top of notifications; Amazon Launches Instagram-esque Social Shopping Feed, Reportedly Plans WhatsApp Competitor; Facebook tests ads on Marketplace, brings an alternative newsfeed to all users; the status of paid social networks and the correspondence of your brand; how an airline conquered the Internet; and much more…

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1. LinkedIn is starting to offer videos, and here’s why it could be a revelation

Finally, there’s a B2B social platform with video, and it’s likely already your go-to social network for reaching prospects. LinkedIn has started rolling out a new native video feature last week on its mobile app which allows users to record and upload up to 10 minutes of horizontal or vertical video directly to the platform.

Rich analytics means brands can see viewer likes, shares, view counts, post titles and companies, as well as the location each video was viewed from. This data can provide a wealth of new information about potential prospects, and it could also help LinkedIn correct its user retention issue using the same tactics that helped Facebook and Snapchat take off.

Currently only available to a group of users in the United States, the video feature is expected to roll out globally in the coming months.

2. Amazon is launching an Instagram-esque social feature to encourage users to shop

The internet retail giant last week launched Spark, a buyable feed of photos and stories aimed at making it easier for Prime members to discover and share products.

Spark was designed to bring the social conversation about Amazon and its products on other platforms back to Amazon, and it encourages users to share stories, product images, and ideas they love; other users can respond with comments and “smiles”, Amazon’s currency equivalent to the Like and Favorite buttons on other social networks.

The new feature, which apparently also targets Pinterest with its feed-style interface, is available through the “Programs and Features” menu option in Amazon’s mobile app. Photos and Stories featuring an item sold by Amazon will include a shopping cart icon, meaning users will have seamless one-click access to shopping options.

Check out the full recap of the new social feature here!

3. Introducing LinkedIn Lite

Welcome to the 1 MB version of LinkedIn. The professional social network is launched a lighter version of its mobile app in India, with expansion to over 60 countries on the horizon in the coming weeks and months.

The stripped down version of its flagship app hopes to attract users in markets where data is prohibitively expensive or network speeds are slow.

LinkedIn Lite eschews heavy graphics, but includes the essentials of the social platform; pages load in five seconds (even on a 2G network) and data usage for consumers is reduced by 80%. For now, the app is Android-only, a nod to the fact that Android phones significantly outnumber iOS in emerging markets.

4. Facebook brings its Explore Feed alternative to center stage

The social network’s alternative newsfeed, intended to help users discover things outside of their friends’ posts, has officially arrived in the app’s main navigation.

the Explore the streamindicated by a rocket icon in the “More” menu of the application, groups together popular articles, photos and videos that a user has not seen yet, personalized according to their interests.

Confused? Don’t worry, the app greets you with a short tutorial explaining the alternate stream when you first open it. Go ahead and try it!

5. Amazon is reportedly working on a messaging app to rival Facebook and Snapchat

As consumers become more comfortable communicating with businesses through messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, Amazon will naturally want to participate. According to rumors and an alleged investigation by the company, Amazon Anytime seeks to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for smartphones. , tablets, PCs and smartwatches, capable of text and video, games and easy integration of Amazon services for food and music.

The standalone application It would also allow users to communicate with brands, make reservations, check orders, and more, potentially taking what Facebook has already done and amplifying it with Amazon’s full suite of services.

Amazon has yet to respond to a request regarding the possible app, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this potential game-changer.

6. Facebook wants to show you ads when you’re most vulnerable

Facebook Marketplace could become the newest place the social network serves ads, hoping to bring users to when they’re ready to buy. The social giant is test ads within the marketplace with a small subset of users; wider rollout depends on ad performance.

Ads will look the same as those already on your News Feed. Users will be redirected to pages where they can access the advertised services or products.

7. LinkedIn is rolling out the Windows 10 app to help you stay up to date

Microsoft launched a dedicated LinkedIn app for Windows 10, which means notifications from the business-centric social network are even easier for your team to follow, as they’re now integrated into the Windows Action Center on the desktop.

Users can customize which notifications show up, so you won’t be disturbed by absolutely anything LinkedIn would like to show you. The dedicated app will be available in all LinkedIn markets by the end of the month.

8. Paid social status and what marketers need to know

How far along is your business in using the social media channels it spends money on? Is it following the crowd or bucking the trend? Marketers remain the most optimistic on Facebook – and they’re willing to spend on it – but on which social networks do marketers plan to spend the least? Will Snapchat bite the dust? Where will Twitter lose the most?

Recent research from Hanapin Marketingand a recap from MarketingProf, have the answers, so don’t miss it!

9. You can now create GIFs using Facebook’s camera

Have you ever accidentally swiped left on the Facebook mobile app home screen and found the camera? Now there’s even more reason to do it on purpose, as the social network has just launched the ability for users to record their own GIFs.

Taking advantage of Facebook’s camera, users have full access to filters, effects, and frames for their GIFs, and can add their finished GIFs to their Facebook stories, add them to their profiles, or download them to their phones. For now, it seems, the feature is only available on iOS.

10. We’ll end with the one time an airline wasn’t the target of social media ire

Delta managed to do something that most airlines rarely can: earn internet. When political commentator Ann Coulter’s seat was given to another passenger for seemingly no reason, Coulter tweeted a slur about this Delta flight mate. But Delta didn’t let go. Of course, the airline should have honored Coulter’s seat selection from the start because it had prepaid him, but Delta’s cordial but firm response on social media has drawn praise across the web and led to a 1,400% increase in airline brand mentions. in just two days.

The airline acknowledged that Coulter would be reimbursed, but also publicly condemned his insult to their client. According to Brand Watch, Delta’s online sentiment on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was 52.3% positive, while Coulter’s was negative at 55.9%.

It was a risk on Delta’s part, but it worked out for the airline in the end. Would you have played differently?