Social Media News: Trending Headlines for the Week of January 17 – Blog Tips and Events for Content Creators Around the World

This week, the buzzing headlines are all about money; ways to save it and ways to earn it. For many creators and entrepreneurs, online courses are an integral part of learning new skills. And when these resources are free, like LinkedIn’s new courses, it means money that would have been spent on education can be directed to more pressing business matters. At the same time, the opportunities to make money on social networks are increasing.

Keep reading for 411 on what Instagram and Meta are currently working on.

Instagram is testing paid subscriptions for creators

In 2020, Facebook launched a follow feature, and now, thanks to positive feedback, the same is being brought to Instagram. The business model is simple: in exchange for a paid subscription, subscribers receive exclusive content and privileges, without of course having to leave the social media platform.

Currently, only a handful of creators have been selected to beta test the feature, which offers three benefits.

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Through Instagram’s business blog:

Subscriber Lives: Creators can broadcast exclusive Lives to their subscribers, allowing them to engage more deeply.

Follower Stories: Creators can create stories just for their followers, allowing them to share exclusive content and use interactive story stickers only with their most engaged followers.

Subscriber Badges: Creators will see a follower badge next to comments and posts so they can easily identify their followers.

Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has also promised to collect no subscription fees from creators on Instagram and Facebook until at least 2023. No word yet on how long Instagram subscriptions will remain in beta mode, but if you want to see it in action, go here to see the list of creators selected for launch.

Meta will launch the NFT market

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are here to stay. (If you are still confused, here is an explanation.) So much so that Meta is already working on ways to integrate the alternative moneymaker into Facebook and Instagram profiles.

According to insider knowledge of The Financial Times“Facebook and Instagram teams are preparing a feature that will allow users to display their NFTs on their social media profiles, as well as working on a prototype to help users create – or manufacture – the tokens at collecting, according to several people familiar with the matter.Two of the people said that Meta had also considered launching a marketplace for users to buy and sell NFTs.

Instagram began testing a “Collectibles” feature last summer, and Vishal Shah, Facebook’s Metaverse Product Manager, previously confirmed that the platform will support NFTs, so expect beta testing sooner rather than later.

LinkedIn launches free courses and more

LinkedIn kicks off 2022 with so a lot of novelty. First, three new free courses have been added to the LinkedIn Marketing Labs. All are focused on building a bigger presence on the site, which has become one of the most popular platforms for creatives in recent years. They’re all short (10, 20, and 30 minutes) and worth the time if you want to optimize LinkedIn’s marketing tools. Here is an overview of each:

  • Building an Organic Presence with LinkedIn Pages (20 mins): Create and maintain an active LinkedIn Page to develop your unique brand voice.
  • Build a complete content marketing strategy (30 mins): Find a balance between organic and paid content to guide your audience through the customer journey.
  • Creative design for LinkedIn (10 mins): Design a visually appealing creative that entices LinkedIn members to engage with your content.

LinkedIn is also beta testing an “Audio Events” feature (similar to Clubhouse) and plans to launch a “Video Events” feature later this year. To learn more about this update and others, such as a newsletter feature for business pages, go to The LinkedIn Blog.

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