Social Media News January 2022: Pinterest, Meta NFT Marketplace and more – Blogging tips and events for content creators everywhere

The latest and greatest to fall from the social media firmament are just a few rolls away. Check out Meta’s ongoing investments in NFTs, pinned highlights on Pinterest (how wasn’t that already a thing?), and the latest Instagram Live countdown feature designed to make your content more visible.

Meta continues to invest in the NFT worm

If there’s one thing you can rely on Meta (formerly known as Facebook) for, it’s the social giant that goes out of its way to keep up with its budding competitors and markets. With that in mind, it’s absolutely no surprise that Meta is making moves to throw his hat into the NFT ring.

Recently, Meta encouraged users to start using their personal NFTs as profile pictures (Twitter did the same) – but Meta takes it a step further by devising a way for users to create or create NFTs within the platform.

Additionally, testing of Instagram’s “Collectibles” feature points to a future where Meta users will not only be able to create NFTs within the platform, but also bid on and sell them, effectively establishing Meta as a one-stop-shop for everything related to NFT.

Whether or not NFTs are worth anyone’s money is a hotly debated topic – investing in these digital tokens takes a lot of faith (and “money”). But if things turn out the way NFT fanatics hope, Meta will certainly be ready.

Pinterest is testing pin highlights (it’s about time)

Pinterest now has stories, it’s only natural that their next step is highlights.

Much like Instagram, you will now be able to pin your content to the top of your Pinterest profile, driving traffic to the post of your choice. This is especially great for users looking to maximize engagement on sponsored or brand-affiliated posts, or to continue driving engagement to a post that is already performing well.

To add your favorite posts to your highlights, go to the “Created” tab of your Pinterest profile. From here you can add whatever content you want – the only caveat being that the posts will be populated in chronological order (again, just like Instagram – you can’t arrange the order in which your highlighted posts appear.)

Maximize Your IG Lives With Instagram’s New Scheduled Live View

Good news – broadcasting your next Instagram Live details to the world has never been easier! Instagram has just added the possibility for users to indicate the date, time and title of their next Live directly on their profiles. And, when you click on the date and time, you can activate a notification that will remind you to connect once the Live starts.

In the past, users had to constantly post their stories with live countdowns to remind their followers to tune in. While some may still choose to go this route in addition to setting up a scheduled live view, set it and forget it is still a good option to have for reserved and busy creators.

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