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Things are constantly changing in the world of social media, with new features being added to our favorite apps and brand new platforms popping up to grab our attention. Here are some updates you might be interested in this month.

TikTok remains the most downloaded app in 2021

If you’re wondering what’s the most downloaded app this year, it looks like TikTok’s popularity has endured, at least for the first quarter of 2021, according to the latest stats from AppAnnie.

Of course, “most downloaded” doesn’t necessarily indicate that an app is the most used – Facebook still holds that title – but it does tell us that, despite the controversy surrounding TikTok over the past year, people are still interested in using it. . This is important information for retailers and businesses considering a social strategy on the app, as it means there are no signs of users abandoning it.

Instagram officially launches Remix, a TikTok-like video feature

Speaking of TikTok, Instagram is still up to the task, with the addition of a new feature to its Reels video content.

The new feature, Remix, gives users the ability to save a Reels video alongside another user’s video. Remix is ​​similar to Instagram’s existing Duets feature, which allows users to react or interact with another person’s video content while creating their own, giving users options to engage and collaborate with other people. other creatives.

The feature had been in testing for some time, so some users may have had early access to it. Remix officially started rolling out to all users on March 31.

Snapchat is said to have a similar feature in the works, which should also be called Remix.

LinkedIn Introduces Cover Story Feature and More

LinkedIn has introduced several new tools that professionals can use to express themselves creatively on the app, including a new video cover feature.

Cover Story allows users to create a personalized video as a first introduction to others, enabling them to engage their audience and reach recruiters by incorporating their personalities, which cannot necessarily be gleaned from simple text. The option is open to career professionals and freelancers, all of whom can use a cover video to talk about their services, attract new clients, and even create a dedicated service page on their profile.

Additionally, LinkedIn now allows members to add their gender pronouns to the top of their profiles, in an optional field.

For content creators, LinkedIn has introduced a new creator mode, allowing its members to add hashtags that best define the topics they post about the most. The new mode moves the Featured and Activity sections to the top of their profiles, allowing them to display content more prominently. Creator mode also allows a user to change the “connect” button to a “follow” button.

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Instagram brings ads to IGTV

After testing ads in IGTV with a revenue-sharing model for some US-based creators last year, Instagram announced it would expand the option to select creators in the UK and Australia. According to Instagram, the rollout will continue to more creators in these countries and later to others throughout the year.

The update is part of the platform’s commitment to building a suite of tools to meet the diverse needs of creators and offers those users the opportunity to earn money by sharing their content through Instagram.

IGTV ads will initially appear when people click to watch IGTV videos from previews in their feed; they are designed for mobile and can last up to 15 seconds. Instagram recently rolled out automatic placements, so global advertisers have the option to run their ads alongside IGTV videos.

For users, that means waiting a maximum of 15 seconds from an ad before they can browse IGTV. For creators, this provides the opportunity to monetize their content and get paid while putting their effort into the platform.

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