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We haven’t even made it through the holiday Christmas period, but brands and social media are already touting trends for the new year. Read on for Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2022, plus the latest updates to sweep LinkedIn’s creator mode and Instagram stories.

See the future with Pinterest’s predictions for 2022

that you use pinterest for fun, business, or brand marketing, their 2022 trend predictions are sure to help you craft a content strategy for the year ahead.

the The 2022 Trends Report features thirty-five anticipated trends, each accompanied by a detailed explanation of how this trend will play out. This year, the platform also created a Pinterest mini-site for those trends that give visual context to those predictions – very on brand for a social platform that relies heavily on visuals and less on text.

Trend report aside, Pinterest also published personalized predictions for users based on pin activity to highlight upcoming changes that users are most likely to engage with. It’s no different than Spotify Wrapped, except instead of stopping at “here’s what you liked this year”, Pinterest goes one step further by suggesting what you might like next year. Pretty cool stuff.

The Latest Updates to LinkedIn’s Creator Mode

ICYMI, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Creator Mode semi-recently in a bid to make the platform more appealing to content creators – and the updates just keep coming.

Latest added features include LinkedIn Live, as well as access to a newsletter platform that will allow creators to update their followers on their latest projects and accomplishments via email.

LinkedIn Live works much like Instagram Live, allowing creators to stream to their followers in real time, answer questions, and more. According to the platform, LinkedIn Lives receives 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than other types of video content posted by the same broadcasters in the app. In other words, if you post any type of video on LinkedIn, it’s worth making it a Live if possible.

The newsletter feature is really cool – and unlike anything I’ve seen available to creators on other platforms. When you post a new article on LinkedIn and select the option to add it to your newsletter, your subscribers will automatically be notified via push, in-app, and email notifications. It’s a great way to keep your followers up to date with the latest in your world, especially when it comes to letting people know about new projects or upcoming events.

Chic New Instagram Stories Features

Hallelujah, Instagram ultimately added the option to customize the text on their new link stickers.

You may remember that not too long ago users had to swipe up to access Instagram Stories links. The social giant has removed the swipe, replacing it with a link sticker that users can tap to follow a link instead – the only catch being that these link stickers populate like a link. Not the end of the world, but certainly not as aesthetically pleasing as a simple swipe up.

Fortunately, this is no longer an issue, as the gram has officially added an option for users to customize the text on link stickers. Additionally, the color of these link stickers is now also more customizable, ensuring that the link you hope to drive traffic to will stand out as much as possible for those who click on it. Woohoo!

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