Social Media News – Classroom

They say no news is good news, but whoever they are, they might not have thought about it, because without news you would probably feel out of the loop. That’s why some recent news about how Aussies might not be able to get their news is, well, big news. And no, not just for BTN journalists.

Facebook has announced it may block Australians from posting and sharing information on its apps, including Instagram, and Google says it may start charging Australians to use its search engine and YouTube; all because of the news. So what’s going on? Well, it really depends on where we get our news from. Of course, newspapers, TV and radio are still relevant, but more Australians than ever are getting their news online, especially on social media.

But that’s been bad news for many mainstream news outlets, as many rely on ads to make money. You see, if you get your news from an Instagram post or YouTube video and you don’t click through to the news organization’s website, that ad money is probably going to the news organization instead. social media.

Many news outlets say that means they don’t get paid for the work they do, and now the Australian government says it wants to change that. In a world first, he is working on new laws that would force tech companies to pay for the news they publish, but that hasn’t worked out so well with two of the world’s biggest tech companies, Google and Facebook. That’s why you might have seen posts like this popping up lately.

Facebook claims that news content doesn’t really make a lot of money and instead it’s the media companies that benefit from more people seeing their content. And Google says if the laws are passed, they could have a big impact on search results, giving big media an unfair advantage over small ones. So they both hit back saying they might have to make changes to the way they do business, like removing news on their platforms for all Australians or charging Australians to use them. Of course, even if the government follows through on its new laws and Google and Facebook follow through on their threats, that wouldn’t be the end of the news.

But experts say that would mean big changes; those that could cause other problems like spreading more fake news because legitimate news outlets wouldn’t pop up everywhere to spread the real news. Also a newsfeed with no news would probably be more boring and in my case would have even more cats on it (not that I’m complaining) and for a lot of people it would keep track of the news more delicate than before.