Smoothing Offense –

Smooth the offense

September 16, 2022

Indifferent to offense.

The Bucs are 1-0 in New Orleans.

And while the Bucs are undefeated (yes, Joe knows that, 1-0), that doesn’t mean Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is happy about it.

Oh, he’s okay with being 1-0. But for the Bucs to keep winning, Leftwich thinks the offense needs to improve.

“I think we played well,” Leftwich said with a bitter look on his face yesterday at One Buc Palace. “I think we did some really good things in areas where we needed to improve, but I’m more concerned about the things we didn’t do so well.”

What were these areas? One was third. Last week in the win at Dallas, the Bucs converted just 35% (5 of 14) of their third downs. It’s sad.

Another area of ​​concern to Leftwich? Violation in the red zone. The Bucs finished Week 1 No. 24 in the NFL in red zone offense by converting one touchdown on three trips inside the red zone.

“So that’s our focus,” Leftwich said of what he and his offense are working on this week. “To make sure we lock down and make sure we do a better job of execution.”

Had the Bucs been able to run in the red zone, forget third downs, this Sunday game would have been a total blast.

This week? Converting third downs and scoring touchdowns not field goals will be key.