Russia-Ukraine latest: Putin says there are ‘some positive changes’ in talks with Ukraine

youKraine’s fierce resistance against the Russian invasion could be a model for Taiwan to defend itself. writes the Telegraph’s Asian correspondent, Nicola Smith

Ukraine’s strong resistance to the Russian invasion could be a model for Taiwan to emulate should China decide to violate its ‘sovereignty’ in an attack, a senior US defense official said during a briefing. a hearing in the Senate.

China claims democratic Taiwan as its own territory and has threatened to invade. The United States, which considers Taiwan a strategic partner in the Indo-Pacific even though it has no official diplomatic relations with Taipei, is the island’s largest arms supplier.

He has long advocated for Taipei to focus on the “asymmetrical” capabilities of small, portable, survivable weapons that could inflict maximum damage on a larger invading force.

“I think the situation we’re seeing in Ukraine right now is a very interesting case study for them of why Taiwan needs to do everything possible to develop asymmetric capabilities, to prepare its people, so they can be as thorny as possible should China choose to violate its sovereignty,” said Mara Karlin, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans and Capabilities.

Meanwhile in Taipei, Chiu Kuo-cheng, the defense minister, warned that a conflict with China would be a disaster for all parties, regardless of the outcome.

China has largely backed Russia in the invasion of Ukraine, a conflict that has parallels in Beijing’s approach to Taiwan, while the government in Taipei has shown overwhelming support for Kiev.

“Nobody wants war,” Mr. Chiu said.

“It would take a lot of preparation and assessment to engage in a war, so China should really think about it in advance. When the fighting starts, it would be serious for everyone. From ancient wars to recent wars, there are winning sides that only end up with a miserable victory because of the heavy price.