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Harry and Meghan ‘create 11 companies in a tax haven’ for ‘million dollar memoirs’ and other deals

The couple chose to set up the businesses in the national tax haven of Delaware – rather than in California where they live and do business.

Two of the companies are publishing houses, set up by lawyer Richard Genow, who has worked with Meghan for years, and the Duchess’ business manager, money guru Andrew Meyer, Mail Online reports.

The first – Peca Publishing LLC – was used by Meghan to hold the rights to The Bench children’s book.

The second – Orinoco Publishing LLC – is said to have been set up to hold the rights to Harry’s explosive memoir – due for release later this year.

Other companies set up by the Sussexes include Cobblestone Lane LLC – which was established in February 2020 and owns the Archewell logo.

Two others handle the royal’s netflix and Spotify deals – Archewell Audio LLC and Archewell Productions LLC.

Two more “entertainment” companies were created a year later – Bridgemont LLC and Hampshire LLC.

It’s thought the names of these businesses could be a nod to the couple’s vacation in Hampshire during the final weeks of Meghan’s spring 2019 pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Baobab Holdings, created in February 2021, would take care of “investments”.

The baobab, is a type of tree from Africa and Australia, also known as the “upside down tree”.

Another company, Nemawashi Holdings LLC, is referred to as a “holding company”.