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This ‘subtle’ gesture shows a change in Meghan and Harry’s marriage

A body language expert has claimed Meghan’s subtle hand gesture shows her changing role with Harry.

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, Meg made the gesture when the couple attended a UN summit last month.

Speaking to Betfair Casino, he said: ‘At the start of Meghan Markle’s joining the Royal Family, there was a lot of speculation about how she would convey herself and fit into life as a senior royal. .

“From the start, Meghan was a very strong and confident person. Perhaps this was due to her tenacious nature and the drive she had to become a star in her own right in the acting world – a career that demands a lot of determination and passion, traits that she inherently showed.

“It’s clear from Meghan’s body language that she loves Harry very much. She really plays the role of her biggest supporter in their relationship, with Meghan on hand to boost Harry’s confidence in situations where he doesn’t feel comfortable. not so sure of himself.

“Over the years we have seen many telltale gestures from Meghan to help Harry feel comfortable, such as touching his elbow when they are at engagements or holding his hand or arm for reassurance.

“Another way for Meghan to show Harry that she is there to support him is to subtly place her hand on his back – a gesture that is both protective and comforting.

“There’s no denying that Harry sees Meghan as his rock and while she was previously used to being the center of attention, she’s more than happy to let Harry take center stage.”

Meanwhile, Darren also added that despite the slight change, it’s still clear that Harry and Meghan are “deeply in love”.