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NEW YORK, April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss specific issues in your coverage area.


  • Stress management and self-care
  • TV and streaming services
  • Relationships and Psychology


  • Translator, Japanese language service – Dow Jones (NY)
  • Associate Section Editor – Future of Everything, WSJ – NY – Dow Jones (NY)


  • Earnings news: How to get the latest financials to your inbox
  • 4 wine blogs to say “Bravo” this spring

Stress management and self-care

Samantha Gambino


Health care

I specialize in stress management, anxiety, depression, wellness, self-care, fitness, and exercise.

Mental health and well-being



Media contact: Samantha Gambino[email protected]

TV and streaming services

Aaron Barnart

Editor-in-chief and author, television expert

As an internet pioneer, TV reviewer for over 15 years, and editor of, the web’s leading resource for TV news, reviews and commentary, I’m a leading expert on trending and topics about TV, streaming services, movies, and what to watch next.

Aaron can discuss: 1. What is new and remarkable among all network and streaming services, what best suits each interest and budget. 2. “Cord Cutting” and 3 easy steps that will give you the best value. 3. Hidden gems of streaming TV. Great shows that no one talks about. 4. “The Organized Frenzy:” Short on time, some viewers have stopped gorging on entire seasons of shows and are instead watching episode playlists of one or more themed shows. 5. Can share hand-picked lists of recommended shows to watch, based on other shows you like


Media contact: Aaron Barnart[email protected]

Relationships and Psychology

dr. Alyson Nerenberg

Certified psychologist

Dr. Alyson Nerenberg Psychological Associates, PC

My hope is to help reduce the shame, blame, and guilt that we all suffer from so that we can live our best lives with honesty, responsibility, and love.

Dr. Nerenberg can speak on almost any topic in the field of psychology, but specializes in relationships (including perfectionism, narcissism), trauma, and addictions.


Media contact: Leslie Barrette[email protected]


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