Predicting Mark Rosewaters MTG Dominaria United Teaser Blog

Magic: The Gatherings Fall Set previews for Mayaria United will begin on August 18, giving players an update for the first chapter in a multi-set story involving the infamous Phyrexians and the steadfast Gatewatch.

Dominaria United will be available digitally on September 1, followed by a worldwide tabletop release on September 9. With the release of the set, Standard will rotate, allowing players to prepare decks.

Before the official previews began, Mark Rosewater posted his blog Dominaria US Teaser. Each set, Rosewater outlines the cards and mechanics to come in the next set.

The Dominaria-United Teaser is not as dense as several previous series, but still very interesting information is available across the country.

Here are some of the teasers produced by Rosewaters and what they mean.

New evergreen counter.

A mechanic going evergreen is a big deal. This means it will become a permanent part of Magic’s design in future sets. An example of an evergreen counter is a +1/+1 counter. The last evergreen mechanic added to Magic was Ward from Strixhaven School of Mages. It was an improvement on Thexproof and Shroud, allowing creature cards to have protection without being too difficult to interact with.

Since the first set of Dominaria was built, the other previous sets have a large number of legendary cards, this new evergreen counter could be a legendary counter.

A blue card destroys the personality of all creatures.

Changing the supreme verdict is the boldest thing wizards can do. A blue and white card destroys all creatures. It will not happen. Under W Control, there are already many dominant tools in Standard, so injecting the best plank wipes into Magic would make the deck overpowered.

This card probably has a mass polymorph effect reminiscent of Pongify and Rapid Hybridization. This would destroy everything and then replace them with one with a small weak token. These tokens could be frogs, that type of niche creature that is supported by Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, and Kamigawa: Neondynasty.

Three Weatherlight system crew members are being selected.

The Weatherlight spacecraft and its crew were in the middle of a Phyrexian story and were in the middle of the original story from Weatherlight to Apocalypse. All the magic happened on the cards. Many members joined the first Dominara set in 2018.

Here are the names of Weatherlight’s crew, who have not left so far.

  • Gerard Capashen
  • Captain Sisay
  • Hana
  • Tahngarth
  • Orim
  • Ertai
  • Karn
  • Miri
  • Crovax
  • Rofellos
  • Starke it Vec.
  • Raclette
  • Multan

Three male crews will be at Dominaria United. This is clearly Karn, a key character in the setting’s story. Squee, Multani, Tahngarth, Gerrard, and Sisay have recently made appearances in Magic Supplement sets. There’s probably a character that hasn’t appeared in a while, like Starke il-Vec or Mirri.

Some creatures you control have an enchantment.

This piece of card text reveals an old enchantment theme in Dominaria United. It also shows that the enchantment strategies introduced in Neon Dynasty will be received with rotation, positioning them as a prominent archetype in the new Standard environment.

You will have crew 1 vehicles under your control.

Vehicles were supported by standard in the Neon Dynasty. This archetype has a big format impact, lagging behind other popular aggro options. These vehicles became common in Pioneer with the combo deck built around Groeasefang, Okiba Boss. Dominaria 2018 included a lot of Artifact support, and Dominaria United will likely follow that trend. Research vehicle strategies to upgrade in Standard and Pioneer.

Legendary Creature Frog Bites, it’s an abrasive beast.

It has to be something like this: Yargle, the vanilla frog spirit, which has become one of Dominara’s most popular cards due to its ridiculous 9/3 stat line and fun flavor text. We would expect a few Yargle references for the return to Dominaria.