Philips Future Health Index 2022 Cardiology – News

Improve staff satisfaction and retention

While many of these technology investments will help cardiologists keep their hospital financially healthy and provide high-quality care, they will also help address one of the most pressing needs cited by respondents – the need for increase staff satisfaction and retention. Nearly a third (30%) of Cardiology managers surveyed said these staff issues were a top priority, and almost as many (28%) believed staff satisfaction and retention would continue to be a priority. absolute in three years – figures that match the global averages for all healthcare leaders surveyed. Faced with a backlog of patients due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the growing number of new patients, it seems that the global shortage of cardiologists to care for them is something that is not going away. Clearly, cardiology leaders are looking to health tech companies and digital technologies for solutions.

Philips will present this latest cardiology data from the Future Health Index 2022 report at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress (August 26-29, Barcelona, ​​Spain). Join Philips at ESC to learn how its smart, data-driven, AI-powered systems and solutions help build clinical confidence, streamline cardiac imaging workflows, and improve the cardiac care experience for patients and staff. Visit Philips at ESC for more information.

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