“Phasmophobia” Preview Details Custom Difficulty and New Place of Asylum

Phasmophobia Developer Kinetic Games has released a development preview ahead of its next update, which shows off custom difficulty and a new location, Sunny Meadows.

Described as the “final preview” ahead of the next update, the blog details the custom difficulty settings first, after receiving a “ton of questions” regarding the customization settings. Each setting will be tied to a reward multiplier, meaning players can recreate the Nightmare difficulty by changing just a few settings in order to get the same rewards.

Each multiplier brings an advantage or disadvantage to the survey, including a slower ghost and a faster player with fewer rewards, or a “speed demon” of a ghost, but with sprint disabled so the player reap additional rewards.

Kinetic didn’t rule out adding more settings “to push the envelope even further”, but did provide an overview of available player settings that can be changed, including starting sanity, sprint cooldown and item loss on death toggles.

Phasmophobia. Credit: Kinetic Games.

Presets will be available for players to experiment with custom difficulties with no manual adjustments required, or the option to start over is available. There will also be a “special challenge with an in-game reward” for players Kinetic deems “brave enough” to complete with the launch of the update.

Along with these settings, a new location in the form of Sunny Meadows will be added to the game. Kinetic says in the blog that it will be “filled with stuff to make it feel used, abandoned, and messy,” including the remains of what used to be beds, shelves, rubble and chairs in order to “create more visual diversity”. It should also make the chase scenes “more stressful” as players seek to navigate the messy path before being grabbed by a poltergeist or similar creepy sentient being.

A series of eerily dark screenshots preview the new abandoned place of asylum, which will feature several sections “each with its own theme and assets”. A courtyard and a chapel will be included, to make investigations more unique from setting to setting.

Despite being described as “getting closer and closer every day” in a previous development preview, the custom difficulty update doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date.

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