One More Chilly Day – Boston News, Weather, Sports

Cold and wind seem to be the themes for this month of May so far. In fact, in the first 10 days of the month, there was only ONE day above average. And before that? You have to go back to April 22 for the last above-average day before that. Spring in New England. Am I right?!

The wind has been more than just a nuisance for us, it has increased our bushfire danger over the past few days. These gusty winds combined with a large amount of dead vegetation on the ground and extremely low humidity are ideal conditions for a fire to start and spread quickly. So watch out for sparks, flames, embers, cigarette butts, etc.

What we could use is one of those nasty gray days with a lingering light rain. In the spring months alone (March, April, and May), Boston is over 3″ below average in the precipitation department! Things are a little better in Worcester, but it’s still not great.

Tomorrow will bring more cloud cover and even drizzle or scattered splashes to the shoreline. But this will not be enough to fill the water deficit.

With the drizzle and the chance for water we will keep the conditions cool and windy for one more day. The wind on the coast will still be breezy but I think everyone will notice a big drop in the wind compared to the last few days. No, it won’t be dead calm, but it will be better. This wind will continue to push this cooler ocean air from the northeast and keep coastal temperatures cool for tomorrow. It won’t be a hot day inland, but it will be better than the coastline.

Once we’re done tomorrow, we’re going to turn things up a notch and head straight into summer by the weekend. And it’s not just the temperatures that will rise, you’ll likely notice some humidity in the air by Saturday.

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