Nostalgic Images Celebrate Mars Chocolate’s 90th Anniversary – PR News Blog

As the chocolate giant celebrates its 90th birthday, it has released fascinating archive photos of the sweet treat through the ages – including a glimpse of the chocolate bar handcrafted in its early years at its confectionery factory in Slough.
Since its launch in 1932, after its creation by American businessman Forrest Edward Mars Sr, more than 30 billion Mars bars have been sold.
The caramel and nougat bar, which is coated in milk chocolate, was advertised with the popular slogan: “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play”.
Producing nearly three million bars a day, the brand was also a treat for British troops during World War II.
While many factories have been forced to suspend normal operations, Mars has been allowed to continue producing its chocolate bars with the aim of putting one in every soldier’s backpack.
It comes after a survey of 2,000 adults found they will each consume an average of nearly 10,000 chocolate bars in their lifetime.
Kerry Cavanaugh, spokesperson for Mars Wrigley UK, said: “Slough gave the world the Mars Bar which has become an icon and part of everyday British life.
“As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, it’s exciting to look back on the history of our chocolate and see how our brands continue to be the UK’s favorite sweet treats today.”

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Stick to tradition
The study also found that 53% of chocolate eaters have a favorite bar, with 60% saying it’s the same one they had when they were kids.
And a third of chocolate lovers even remember the first bar they had.
But it seems taste buds have matured with age, as 47% of foodies now like more “grown-up” types of chocolate, like dark or vegan chocolate.
Although 47% generally stick to the more traditional bars instead of trying a new version.
When asked about their favorite type, milk wins (67%) with just 4% choosing white – and a quarter are fans of the darker flavour.
A third love the orange flavor and 34% are crazy about mint, according to the OnePoll study.
Settle the debate
When it comes to the big fridge debate, half of chocolate fans think it should always be kept cool and 34% think it should live somewhere else.
It also emerged that caramel (36%), hazelnuts (31%) and fudge (25%) are the main components of a chocolate bar.
Having a bar after school as a treat (37%) and eating one after a hard day at work (27%) are the best memories associated with a chocolate bar.
Kerry Cavanaugh added, “It’s great to hear what chocolate lovers across the country prefer when it comes to their bars.
‘There’s always such a debate about what the best type is or whether people should keep it in the fridge or not – and we hope this helps settle the debate.
“Chocolate is a hugely popular candy across the country, so it’s fantastic to commission this research to celebrate 90 years of Mars.”

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