News from Queen Elizabeth II: Outrage over ‘unbelievable’ US statement on Her Majesty’s death | royal | News

On Wednesday, blog site Hollywood Unlocked published an “exclusive” story claiming the queen had died. The horrific report began: “Socialists, it is with our deepest regret that we inform you that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has passed away. Sources close to the Royal Kingdom have exclusively informed us that Queen Elizabeth has passed away. She was due to attend the British Vogue wedding. editor Edward Enninful, but was found dead.”

Shortly after the story was published, blog founder Jason Lee defended the story, tweeting, “We don’t post lies and I stand by my sources.”

“Awaiting an official statement from the palace,” he added.

He also posted an image to his Instagram account reaffirming his position, taking a screenshot of his Notes app, writing, “Regarding the story of Queen Elizabeth…

“1. I have never lied; 2. I have never been wrong; 3. I trust my sources; 4. I have yet to see an official statement from the palace saying otherwise, 5. I will be at the Donda concert tonight with Ye.”

He wrote alongside that post: “Stay tuned.”

The story quickly drew widespread criticism, with several people taking to Twitter to launch scathing attacks on the blog’s website following the claims.

Emma Kennedy, author, screenwriter and Celebrity Masterchef champion, tweeted: “Jason, this is a terrible mistake and I have no idea what you think you are doing. The queen is not dead.”

Edvardi J. (@EdvardiJ) raged: “How the hell do you post something without an official source?

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The tweet read: “It was an accident and we are working hard to make sure this mistake never happens again.

“The intern journalist was misinformed and published the draft message by mistake.”

But Mr. Lee quickly responded to that, tweeting: I woke up to a fake account posting a retraction.

“We do not know this account and we have not retracted our story.

“There is no official statement from the Palace yet. Stay tuned.”

Buckingham Palace has released no statement confirming the Queen’s death. Official sources of information have not confirmed this either.

Last Sunday the Palace announced that the Queen, who is fully vaccinated against Covid, had tested for the virus but was to continue with light engagements.