News ChessBase on mobile

The main points are:

  • You can change all views by swiping left or right.
  • Two models: maximum map size or large icon (with engine).
  • Top left menu for additional functions.
  • Easy to share positions on What`s App, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The game element is now divided into two parts: at the bottom, the board with the arrow keys near the thumb for one-handed operation. At the top are the LiveBook, Engine, Notation, and Game List views. You can change the views above by swiping up or clicking the blue arrows on the left or right edge.

Tap every pixel on the panel: the “big board” layout.

Here the map has the maximum possible size at the expense of encoding.

If you want to focus on blogging in Annotated games, go to Big Blogging via the top right menu. It looks like this:

The “Hamburger” menu in the upper left is not called because the blade originated in Hamburg, but because the three horizontal bars represent the stripping of a ball in a bun.

Show “Big Blogging”, with the engine always seen.

Scroll the icon left or right to access other views:

Swipe right once: engine with ranking profile, threats, hint mode, visual ranking, severity and multivariate calculation.

Fritz18’s well-known party mode (click the lifeline) is great: in a simple game, don’t look at the engine variant like a chess zombie, but let the tricks tempt you to make your own calculations. By clicking on the evaluation profile, you access the position corresponding to the train in question.

Twice to the right: Find the theory in the LiveBook.

Swipe left once: games list.

You can download games with one click from the game list. Switching between games is also possible by swiping left/right on the panel, which is especially useful during live streaming.

It is well known that mobile phone is used for social communication. So one can easily split the positions in the game view. Send a nice combination to a chess friend via What`s App. Or tweet an interesting site from a live broadcast. In the hamburger menu, call the function Share -> Share Board. Depending on the browser, either you will come directly to a selection of different destinations like Messenger, Twitter, email, etc. Either the site image is uploaded first, which you then share as an image.

Chin strap in a few clicks.

By the way, if you watch the live stream on your mobile here or at, there are more shows available in the layout menu. In extreme cases, you can see eight small panels at the same time on your mobile phone, for example. Or easily choose between current tournaments:

On, swipe the icon to the left twice: to select all current tournaments.

We hope you enjoy reading chess news or watching live games wherever you are!

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