NEWS: A NEW Disney movie has been announced!

What’s your favorite Disney musical?

Frozen Ever After at EPCOT!

Do you like to sing with The little Mermaid soundtrack? Have you been obsessed with all the songs of Encanto? And of course, who can forget the cultural impact of Frozen! We’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney entertainment news like these Marvel movies coming to Disney+, the new The beauty and the Beast upcoming special on ABC, and when we can expect to see new details on the latest Disney and Pixar movies. And now we have uncovered huge Disney movie news that will delight music fans!

Disney is developing an ALL NEW musical, according to Deadline! The film will be called Penelope, and it’s based on the fairy tale The princess and the Pea. Disney hasn’t said too much about the project, but sources say it’s scheduled for theatrical release.


Robert Sudduth will write the screenplay and Will Gluck will produce under his Olive Bridge banner. Sudduth is known for his work on the show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlistand the upcoming musical prequel, Grease: The Rise of the Pink Ladies. Gluck will also produce the next Disney film The Aristocats adaptation in real shooting.


We look forward to hearing more about it Penelope project! In the meantime, check out these live action updates lilo and stitch adaptation, and Marvel’s next Captain America movie!

We’ve had a ton of Disney entertainment news recently, especially now that San Diego Comic-Con is underway! We finally got our first REAL look at the next one National Treasure: Series coming to Disney+.


However, perhaps the BIGGEST news from Disney+ this week was the addition of the two dead Pool movies and Logan to the streaming subscription service, these are the first ‘R’ rated movies on Disney+, as dead Pool star Ryan Reynolds hilariously pointed it out on Twitter.

Want even MORE Disney show news? We have a FULL list of all the big announcements that have been made so far from San Diego Comic-Con!

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