New Study Reveals Pervasive Skepticism Among American Adults About Social Media News / Digital Newsworld

A major problem facing the world these days has to do with how we acquire information about current and other events. Much of the news we see on social media has been manipulated in one way or another, and a new study has found that most adults in the United States are skeptical of any kind of news. they end up seeing on social media. is the kind of thing that can cause problems for many social media sites by preventing them from being as trustworthy as they need to be to enjoy a real future in this industry.

This study was conducted by the Pew Research Center and it involved a survey of over 9,000 adults in the United States. More than half of respondents said they get their news from social media, but more than half of those who use social media for news said they don’t trust the accuracy of the information they get. they received. This means that a quarter of people who responded to this survey did not trust their main source of information, which could create a lot of confusion and give malicious actors even more opportunities to create misinformation that they couldn’t have done it otherwise.

Facebook and YouTube seem to be the most popular sources of information, but Twitter has been disproportionately successful in this regard. Only 25% of respondents said they use Twitter on a regular basis, but 59% said they use it as their main source of news, which is a higher proportion than any other successful social media platform reach, indicating that Twitter may be a more reliable source of information due to the direct nature of its communication options.

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