My site earns me $2,000 a month in passive revenue, and it costs me very nothing to get started.

In May 2020, I began concentrating on my blog, The Success Bug. I didn’t get any traffic and didn’t make any money.

My traffic — and money — increased as I published more tales and established my specialty.

I earned $2,000 in August. And to get started, I just invested $250. If you need financial help to invest in your blog, PaydayChampion is always here to assist you.

“Can you genuinely earn money blogging? I usually say yes to this question, but it doesn’t happen overnight. I advise individuals to approach blogging in the same manner. Before you can realize the benefits of your investments, you must allow time to flourish.

On the other hand, blogging is one of the best side hustles to have since it doesn’t cost much money, takes little time, and is almost straightforward to include in your daily routine.

Many full-time bloggers I know earn a six-figure income from their websites. Even better is that they accomplish all of this while working on their blog for just 10 to 20 hours each week. As more people turn to the internet for product reviews and how-to articles, now is the ideal moment to launch a lucrative blog on any subject.

How can I begin blogging?

Blogging has a terrible reputation since it takes a long time to generate revenue. There are exceptions, but you shouldn’t anticipate a lot of traffic to your site in the first-year – plan to earn anything from $0 to $500 per month.

This is because your monthly traffic significantly impacts your blog’s earnings. You’ll have a few hundred to a few thousand monthly visits in your first year. As many of us need rapid pleasure, this causes many individuals to leave blogging.

After your first year, though, there is no need to abandon your blog. The only resource that blogs need is time since the cost of maintaining a blog is negligible. Your hosting package, domain provider, and CMS platform will be your most significant expenses (WordPress, Squarespace, etc.). A hosting plan may be found for as little as $10 per month, a domain provider for $10 to $20 per year, and most CMS systems are under $100 per year.

To break even, you just need to earn more than $250 in a year. This might happen in your first year, or it could not. However, if you can stick it out and have no expectations for the first 12 months, you’ll be in good shape to enjoy the long-term benefits of blogging.

Making money from your blog

You may monetize your blog in three ways. Display advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling a product or service are all options. Most bloggers begin with display advertising since it is simple to set up. You’ll make anything from $0.30 to $2 per thousand views initially when you can only collaborate with Google Ad Sense.

As your blog’s popularity rises, you’ll be able to partner with top ad networks such as Ezoic, Mediavine, and Ad Thrive. Your income per thousand pageviews will increase from $7 to $30 after joining these networks.

Learning SEO is crucial since it will be the foundation of your blog’s success. Your ad income and the sales of any affiliate items or services you sell on your website will rise as your visitor count increases.

How I made money with my blog

I had no traffic when I began taking my blog, The Success Bug, seriously in May of 2020, and my co-founder and I were debating if blogging was suitable for us. Fortunately, we were onboarding college students seeking blogging experience around this time.

We significantly enhanced our content creation thanks to a summer of free authors. We received roughly 2,500 visits each month towards the end of the summer.

We studied everything from entrepreneurship to marketing, company strategy, and personal finance throughout the summer. At the end of the summer, we recognized that we were covering far too many subjects when just one was driving the majority of our traffic: personal finance. As a result, we’ve decided to stop blogging about anything else and concentrate just on money.

We were able to collaborate with Mediavine, a significant display ad network, at this time, and we were paid roughly $30 per thousand page views. We began using the platform in June and earned $672 throughout that month. We earned $1,200 in July, and we made $2,000 only this month, in August. We recruit additional writers to provide more material as our income grows. By the end of the year, we plan to be producing roughly $5,000 per month only from display advertisements, based on our current growth rate.