Meghan Markle news – Hatred of Prince Harry and the Duchess ‘is so strong they would definitely be booed on the balcony at the Queen’s Jubilee’

Serbia sang Meghan in the Eurovision Song Contest

Last night the Eurovision Song Contest took place and saw the Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine win the contest.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle received an unlikely shoutout at the Song Contest.

Serbian track “In corpore sano” by singer Konstrakta refers to Duchess in its opening lines – but that’s only the beginning of its hidden meaning.

In the dark and eerie beat of the song, the lyrics in question translate to: “What could be the secret to Meghan Markle’s healthy hair?” What could it be? I think it’s all about deep hydration. They say our skin and hair show everything.

Speaking at a press conference in Turin, Konstrakta explained that the song was partly meant to reflect the “disorientation” people can feel about health.

She said: “We’re all a little confused by this huge field of information that gives us so many, many opposing ways to be healthy. Behind all this, there is a large field of consumption, we spend a lot of money to be healthy these days.

“It’s really a layered song, you have to read the lyrics to dive into the meanings, and you can read it in multiple ways.”

The Latin title of the song is a saying that translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Konstrakta explains: “It has a double meaning. We’re so focused on a healthy body, and somehow, maybe the mind is hurting. On the other hand, this area of ​​mental health is another area of ​​consumer openness.

She added, “In a way, everyone today is obsessed with healthy living because we live in such an atmosphere.”

So while the track’s hidden meaning isn’t immediately obvious, if you listen to the lyrics again, the opening lines are meant to parody the media’s fixation on celebrity.