Make the call! –

  • Marine Buc Said:

    With pick #27…

    BPA – IDL, S, CB, EDGE, WR or OG.

    RB in round 2.

    S or TE on turn 3.

    S or TE on turn 4.

  • madmax Said:

    Olave….Brady needs guns or it won’t work!

  • Marine Buc Said:

    @Mad Max

    Agreed. If Olave is available at No. 27, the Bucs would be crazy not to pick him.

    Perriman, Grayson, Miller, Johnson and Darden aren’t going to cut it – especially if we have injuries to Evans, Gage or Godwin…

  • madmax Said:

    @Marine he won’t be here at 27 unfortunately..wish it was like that..we need to partner with someone around 15-20 to trade with. Give the GOAT his weapons.

  • Pollock in Canada Said:

    If any of the Georgia DTs are there, the bucs will draft him. If not, we’ll probably go to safety or corner because of the depth issues we had last year.

  • Craig Said:

    Take OG or DT first, if they fall on you. Don’t try to get one. If you have to choose the best athlete.

    Rd 2, take what you missed in turn 1

    Route 3, RD

    Rd 4-4, stock up on depth and development players.

  • Admiral Redbeard Said:

    MadMax isn’t a 7-on-7 flag football league, and Olave isn’t the only receiver in this draft. This year’s draft happens to be LOADED with a lot of talent (a result of all those college infractions). Matches are won and lost in the trenches. Brady had no edge protection in the loss to the Rams and was mugged all day because of it. It’s the same reason we beat the Chiefs is SB55. The receiver just isn’t a weak point on this team, and a quality backup for Evans or Godwin could be had in a later round.