Liverpool vs Manchester United LIVE first team news, expected line-up and score predictions

Liverpool are formidable opposition for United

It’s one of the few United games in my life where it’s fair to wonder how much they will lose. The predictions for the 2011 Champions League final and the January 2014 defeat to Chelsea were equally bleak.

Tonight United are without their three most important outfield players: Raphael Varane, Fred and Cristiano Ronaldo. United suffered their worst defeats of the season (Leicester away, Liverpool home, City home and away, Watford away) when Varane was absent.

United have won four of their last 13 games, their starting midfielders are both leaving this summer and no starter except David de Gea can claim they are fit. This Liverpool team is its best in four decades.

United overtook Norwich at the weekend solely because of Ronaldo, whose goals have been behind 10 of their 19 wins this season. His absence tonight is completely understandable in an incredibly sad situation.

The last time United played at Anfield with a crowd in attendance in January 2020, they somewhat exceeded expectations by losing 2-0, with Mohamed Salah’s clincher coming in injury time. United had great chances to equalize in each half, but Liverpool were also rampant during periods either side of the break and the scoreline was not a totally accurate reflection.

United had key players missing that day (Pogba, McTominay, Rashford) in a season where Andreas Pereira started home and away against Liverpool. Two zero might be respectable tonight.

Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah (Image: Getty)