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Citizens from various organizations gathered in Bengaluru on Saturday to express their solidarity with Muslim students, teachers and other civilians, who have faced various forms of hatred, harassment and violence in Karnataka. (Express)

Ahead of the presentation of the state budget next month, the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) has called on the government of Karnataka to announce the abolition of business licenses for the service and construction sectors. trade. “Trade licensing has always been a bone of contention as it is expensive, time consuming and causes unnecessary burden on merchants and small businesses,” the pre-budget memo said.

The professional body has also asked the government for a census of workers in the unorganized sector to be carried out. “Millions of workers work in the unorganized sector. They are deprived of benefits such as ESI, insurance, compensation for disasters and calamities such as floods, pandemic, fires, etc. There is an urgent need to carry out a census and maintain a register of workers in the unorganized sector…”, said the FKCCI.

A Bajarang Dal worker has been taken into custody following the death on Friday of a Dalit man he allegedly assaulted in the town of Dharmasthala, Karnataka. The accused, Krishna alias Kitta, allegedly assaulted Dinesh, 41, on Wednesday following an argument, police said. Both Krishna and Dinesh resided in Dharmasthala.

According to a complaint filed by Dinesh’s mother, Padmavathi, at Dharmasthala police station, “Krishna, who runs a shop near Ram Mandi, became angry when Dinesh told other people that he had helped Krishna get the land for the store. Irritated, Krishna dragged Dinesh and punched him in the stomach.