Joe’s Morning Cup –

Joe’s morning cup

February 2, 2022

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe readers adjust to their busy work day with some football links, goofy news and a pleasant distraction.

Entertainment of the day

Start checking between your sofa pillow for nickels and dimes. The Broncos are for sale! [PFT]

Super Bowl Props. [Yahoo!]

Do you remember Ken Dorsey? He is now Josh Allen’s coordinator. [NFL]

Kyle Shanahan claims the 49ers don’t know what to do with Jimmy GQ. [Outkick]

How the story of Tom Brady’s retirement was built. [Awful Announcing]

All the non-mainstream artists who haven’t been relevant for over 50 years are poring over Spotify for Joe Rogan. Meanwhile, the only people who listen to these unimportant has-beens think Spotify is some kind of carpet stain remover. Spotify suits have to poke fun at all that free publicity. [Wall Street Journal]

A monster alligator weighing over 900 pounds is put down after locals believe it was responsible for slaughtering cattle. [WXXV25]