IT News Online – IBM Partners with We-Ace to Amplify Women’s Voices (VOW); A blogathon for women


VOW (Voices of Women); an exclusive online writing contest for women hosted by IBM and presented by We-Ace provided a platform for women to share their thoughts on hot topics and current events. In most societies, women were told to be quiet and not to share their opinion on any issue, but on the contrary, women did much better than the society expected of them. This blogathon competition is a one-of-a-kind blogging competition for women to have their voices heard and stage diverse thoughts, ideas and opinions; on growing topics, themes and issues that matter to women. This joint initiative of We-Ace and IBM has enabled many women to raise their voices and speak out about the workforce and their role in business and society in general.

Amplifying women’s voices through the blogathon

This second edition of VOW-Voices of Women brings together women from diverse backgrounds to engage in discussion on broader trends, developments and barriers to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace and culture. . More than 1000 women from all companies and universities have come forward and signed up for VOW. Prominent thought leaders and industry experts from IBM joined the event as judges.

On behalf of IBM, We-Ace contacted more than 100 organizations and colleges to bring all women who wanted to show their talent on such a platform. The team received an overwhelming response from the cohort of women where they shared inspirational blogs based on this year’s theme – Tailored Skills. Winners are rewarded with exciting prizes like iPad, Kindle, and more. and winning blogs are featured in major partner publications.

Member of the jury of the event and CFO, IBM India/South Asia, Tejaswini Rajwade shares his experience and says, “It was a privilege to be part of the Voices of Women jury which provided a platform for women to be heard on a topic that is very relevant in today’s world. I really enjoyed reading the blogs with their refreshing approach to the subject.”

“I’m passionate about building an inclusive workforce and embracing a culture of diversity and I’m excited to see the huge response to the competition,” she added.

Another member of the jury Amit Sharma, Managing Partner, Global Delivery, IBM Consulting felt honored to be part of the blogathon jury and expressed, “The energy, passion and drive of the entrants was very apparent, with very high quality and memorable submissions. My congratulations to the winners and most importantly, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to participate and makes this event a success.”

This year, applications were invited on the following topic: Given that women are unique in their approach, construction and experience of their professional journey – do they need tailor-made skills? If so, what ecosystem do they need? to come forward and aspire to learn, grow and succeed at different stages of their career Share your thoughts and ideas on the topic in 800-1,000 words.

This year’s blogathon winner Harini Srivastava called VOW as an exciting event. “It makes a tapping on the inner value system, which in turn becomes a session of introspection on a personal level. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the intriguing experience,” said Harini.

The second runner-up in this year’s blogathon Mamta Mohan quote, “I couldn’t deny the tempting offer to write a blog on one of my favorite topics – women’s empowerment. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword, this platform provided by We-Ace to write a socially relevant blog helped I wrote my very first blog and I am indebted to VoW for bringing out the writer in me who had gone into hibernation.”

The third runner-up in this year’s blogathon Lavanya Ramamurthy Express, “How skills should be exercised for women is a cutting-edge topic close to her personal heart as she leads the Gender ERG for Swiss Re APAC. and skills work together, you can create magic!Everyone is good when women are good.

The platform was also open for voting and the three popular choice awards went to Rashmi Pandit by Morningstar, Meena Muthukumar from the SSN College of Engineering and Yamini Naga Satya Pilla from DVR and Dr. HS MIC College of Technology.

About We-Ace

We-Ace is a leading global network of over 100,000 women who aspire to succeed in their careers. As agents of change for gender-balanced workplaces, the company’s mission is to engage, enable and employ professional women in decision-making positions. Women can connect and network with the best in the industry through hiring drives, job fairs, skills labs, CXO meetings, and various other industry-led live sessions. Women aspiring to improve their skills can choose from a wide range of empowerment, self-improvement, functional and technical courses which start from Rs. 99/-.