Instagram launches new ‘Shop via DM’ feature + all the social media news you need this month

This is once again where we round up all the most important social media updates and news you may have missed over the past few weeks.

From Facebook getting a facelift to Instagram changing the way users shop and a long list of TikTok updates and new features, we’ve broken them all down so you don’t miss a thing.

What’s happening on Facebook?

Facebook news feed splits in two

Facebook is getting a makeover! Following in the footsteps of its sister social media platform Instagram, the Facebook news feed is splitting into two.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the new Home tab you see when you first open the app will be dedicated to algorithm-based content with custom reels, stories, and other content they think you’ll like. Basically, the Home tab will act as a discovery engine.

Meta is likely to make these changes to keep up with the growing popularity of TikTok, which uses algorithms to suggest the content they think users will enjoy the most.

To make sure people can always follow what their friends are up to, the all-new Feeds tab will show all of your friends’ recent posts, your favorite Facebook pages, and content from your groups.

Facebook Music Revenue Sharing

In another milestone, Meta announced Facebook Music Revenue Sharing, making it easier for creators to monetize videos using licensed music from their favorite artists.

In partnership with Rights managercreators can start making money from videos that use licensed songs, with 20% of revenue going to video creators and a separate portion going to artists and meta.

So how can you start monetizing your Facebook videos?

1. Creators must meet monetization eligibility requirements

2. Content must be eligible for in-stream ads

3. Satisfy Facebook monetization policies, community standards and musical instructions

4. Videos must be at least 60 seconds long

5. Includes visual components, which means the licensed music itself cannot be the primary focus of the video

Instagram is rolling out two exciting new features

Instagram is testing a new Live Producer tool that helps creators live stream from their desktop with third-party streaming platforms.

This new decision shows how Instagram continues to focus on video content.

Until now, creators could only livestream via Instagram Live. But with this new feature, creators will be able to enhance their streams with production features including additional cameras, external microphones, and graphics.

A new way to shop on Instagram

Instagram gives us a whole new way to shop! It’s new “chat payments” allows users to purchase products and track orders through the convenience of their direct messages.

When you chat with a qualified business on Instagram, you’ll be able to DM the business by choosing your favorite product, placing the order, and using Meta Pay, all from the comfort of your DMs.

For small businesses, the new feature allows you to:

• Chat with customers in real time

• Create product descriptions and prices

• Request and collect payments

This feature is currently only available in the US, but we hope it will be rolling out worldwide soon!

A pile of new features and news from TikTok

In the world of TikTok, there are a few new features that you might have missed.

New safety features for young users

TikTok is reportedly testing new restrictions for live streams that prevent viewers under the age of 18 from accidentally encountering adult content. This feature gives creators the ability to restrict their LIVE to adults only.

In other protective measures, TikTok is rolling out a maturity rating system for young audiences called Content Levels, which organizes videos by thematic maturity — just like movies.

TikTok Educational Programs for SMBs

TikTok has also introduced a multi-channel educational experience called Follow me which helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) harness the power of TikTok to increase their business growth.

The six-week program gives SMEs resources and tips and tricks on how to get started on the platform and build engaged communities on the app.

EU privacy update on TikTok

A day before the new policy changes take effect, TikTok agreed to suspend changes to its controversial privacy policy that planned to serve targeted ads to users, without seeking consent for the use of data stored on it. their devices.

This proposed update poses serious privacy concerns for users while providing new targeted advertising opportunities for brands. We haven’t yet heard about the next EU privacy updates on TikTok, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know more!

Auto-generate caption updates on TikTok

TikTok is finally updating its auto-generated captioning feature! When the feature was first released in April 2022, creators had to enable auto-generated captions, but with the new update, viewers and creators can now enable auto-generated captions, which which makes the platform even more accessible.

The new feature also lets you translate captions and descriptions into any language, making language barriers a thing of the past on the platform.

New Twitter features may be coming soon

Meanwhile in the Twittersphere, CoTweets could soon be deployed. Current tests to select users in the United States, Canada and Korea of ​​the new feature allow users to co-author tweets.

A CoTweet is written between two and posted simultaneously on the profiles of both authors, their followers timeline and if you accept the CoTweet request and collaborate on it via DMs.

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