Incredible Week 6 race recap: Holderness results, fly cheese

Kim and Penn Holderness, part of the Raleigh family known for ‘Christmas Jammies’ and other viral videos, star in this season of CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race,’ and The News & Observer follows their journey on the show every week.

During last week’s episode, the Holderness duo, along with the five other teams still in the race at the time, traveled from Switzerland to Corsica, France, where they took on challenges involving milk from goat and navigating through a series of rocks and natural slides.

The Holderness had an impressive performance last week, finishing the round in 1st place and taking home $5,000 each. Married Educators Akbar and Sheri have been eliminated, meaning the race is down to five teams this week.

The preview for this week’s episode shows the remaining teams staying in Corsica and, among other challenges, eating maggot-infested cheese. Yum!

So, did Kim and Penn maintain their lead this week? Who was eliminated? And, perhaps most importantly, has anyone vomited after eating fly cheese?

Let’s find out in this recap of week 6 of “The Amazing Race”.

How did the Holderness team rank this week?

Fresh off of 1st place last week, the Holderness duo enjoyed repeat success, finishing in 1st place again this week. The duo won a trip for two to Turkey.

Kim and Penn Holderness try a piece of casu martzu, also known as fly cheese, on the February 9, 2022, episode of “The Amazing Race.” Courtesy of CBS Entertainment SCS

What challenges did the teams overcome this week?

This week’s leg of the race kicked off with the teams still in Corsica, France.

Since Kim and Penn finished in 1st place last week, they exited last week’s pit stop first, with 2nds Cayla and Raquel ahead of the other three remaining teams.

The teams first clue told them to head south to a watchtower, where they were to eat casu martzu cheese.

Along the way, we learned that Penn spoke French, as the group stopped to ask a local man for directions and Penn spoke to himself – but it was Raquel and Cayla who came first to the challenge of cheese tasting, after Kim and Penn missed a turn and fell a bit behind.

Once at the tower, each team swallowed their share of casu martzu cheese.

In case you were wondering, casu martzu is a specialty cheese produced mainly in Sardinia, an island in Italy, and Corsica. The cheese is made from sheep’s milk and contains live cheese fly larvae, or maggots, which are intentionally introduced into the cheese to promote fermentation and breakdown. This process breaks down the fats in the cheese, creating a soft cheese.

Simply put, it’s maggot-infested cheese, and the maggots are still alive when you eat it.

Reactions to the cheese were mixed, as Raquel and Cayla said it was ‘dry’ and ‘tasted like vomit’, while Kim actually seemed to enjoy it, asking the challenge judge about the maggots and saying she was going to get cheese to-go. Penn clearly didn’t appreciate Kim’s comment, appearing to almost vomit up a mid-bug cheese snack.

For what it’s worth, we’re with Penn here. Sure, there are plenty of challenges in the world worth the million-dollar grand prize this race offers, but bug-infested cheese might be where we draw the line.

After eating the cheese, teams opened a clue for a detour challenge. For the detour, teams could choose between a challenge requiring them to row a transparent kayak and pick up metal fish below the surface, or a challenge requiring them to cruise and identify a sequence of similar metal fish underwater , then to sort and correctly identify the fish to a judge.

Kim and Penn and Raquel and Cayla decided to stay together for the detour, both choosing the cruise option. Two of the other teams, Lulu and Lala and Arun and Natalia, also took the cruise option, while Ryan and Dusty took the kayaking challenge.

Kim Holderness, Penn Holderness and Cayla Platt on the February 9, 2022 episode of “The Amazing Race.” Courtesy of CBS Entertainment SCS

Penn’s Triangle ties appeared during the cruise challenge, as he used “Duke University” as a code name to remember one of the metal fish the groups later had to recall to complete the challenge.

By our calculations, this marks the second mention of Duke by the Holderness duo during the race, as the mule they used in a challenge last week was also named Duke. Penn, a UNC-Chapel Hill fan, said last week on the couple’s podcast that using a mule named Duke was a difficult task for him.

It looks like the cheat sheet worked, as Kim and Penn exited the challenge in 1st place, just ahead of Raquel and Cayla.

After nearly sinking their kayak, Ryan and Dusty recovered in time to exit the detour in 3rd place. Lulu and Lala and Arun and Natalia decided to repeat the cruise to find the right sequence of fish, but eventually left the detour in 4th and 5th place respectively.

After completing their respective detour challenges, the teams opened their next clues, which asked them to travel to a fishing port at the southern tip of Corsica.

At the port, the teams found a clue for a roadblock challenge, where they had to fix holes in fishing nets.

Only one person on each team can complete roadblock challenges, and the Holdernesses voted Penn for this one. He struggled at first, then found a technique that worked for him, allowing the duo to exit the challenge in 1st place.

After the roadblock, the teams opened clues asking them to go to the pit stop for this stage in Bonafacio, “the city of the cliffs”.

Holderness duo episode climax

Like last week, our highlight this week is Kim and Penn’s 1st place finish.

After last week’s win, Kim said she wanted to “chill out” and enjoy the race more, and we think that new attitude suited the pair this week.

They seemed to handle the challenges with relative ease and seemed to be in good spirits when they arrived at the pit stop.

We’re biased, but we hope the duo’s success continues and they have even more fun along the way.

Penn and Kim Holderness on the February 9, 2022, episode of “The Amazing Race.” Courtesy of CBS Entertainment SCS

How did the other teams do this week?

Stewardess Rachel and Cayla again finished in 2nd place this week.

Best friends Ryan and Dusty again finished in 3rd place this week.

Twin sisters and radio hosts Lulu and Lala finished in 4th place.

Father and daughter Arun and Natalia finished in 5th place.

Which team was eliminated this week?

No one was eliminated this week.

Father and daughter Arun and Natalia struggled through the roadblock challenge and couldn’t catch Lulu and Lala, eventually finishing in 5th place.

However, during the pit stop, host Phil Keoghan announced that this leg of the race was a non-elimination stage, and the pair avoided elimination and got another second chance.

Looking forward to next week’s episode

The preview for next week’s show doesn’t give many clues as to what’s going on, other than a few potential mistakes from Lulu and Lala and subsequent sibling drama between the duo.

But with only five teams remaining, we’re sure the next leg of the race will be interesting.

We’ll see you back here next week to see what happens.

Learn more about Kim & Penn Holderness

Most people recognize Kim and Penn from their online videos posted to “The Holderness Family” accounts, including “Christmas Jammies,” which went viral in 2013 and has more than 18 million views to date.

Before moving into full-time content creation, Kim and Penn both worked in television news. They combine 25 years of industry experience, including Penn’s six years as an evening anchor at WNCN/CBS 17 in Raleigh.

After the success of “Jammies,” the Raleigh couple, along with their two children, “now chronicle their marriage and family with fun music videos, vlogs, skits, and a podcast.” The couple also released a book in March 2021.

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