How live streams are transforming social media

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Live Streams is one of the features that has seen huge success on social platforms lately. People are largely fond of these videos. Therefore, the majority of social apps have added live streams. Today, live streams help brands for various purposes. Hence, there is an increasing importance for this feature. Currently, all major companies use live streams. This article will let you know how live streams are transforming the social media landscape.

Live streams for brand promotions:

Live streams have been used by brands for brand promotions. People crowd in front of the live videos, which maximizes the engagement rate. Thus, brands should focus on using live video to promote. For example, if you are a marketer, you can opt for a live stream as this feature can improve the visibility of your videos. So, due to the higher engagement of live videos, the reach of product videos can gain huge reach. Hence, use this feature as it can boost your growth at an extremely fast rate. Currently, many B2C brands are using the live streaming feature to make their products popular with people. famous panel has incorporated live streams into its strategy for many of its clients, which has also delivered impressive results. Thus, live streams even have the ability to increase the conversion rate of brands. In recent times, many social platforms have added live streams to their app which has given them a new look.

Famouspanel’s opinions on ‘Live’:

The live feature has become one of the dominant features of many social apps. Therefore, it is a good idea to take advantage of this feature. Currently, all major social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have live functionality. Many brands are constantly using this live feature which in turn helps them to have constant growth. Currently, all the notable social platforms have added this feature to their app. Therefore, many companies have started using this feature. One of the notable features of the feature is that it allows users to view visuals in real time. Therefore, it is a good measure to use this feature.

Currently, many companies use this feature for several activities. Therefore, it is a good idea to take advantage of this feature. In recent times, many B2C companies have started launching products for their brand through this feature. Moreover, product launches also gain huge reach since they are live videos. Hence, it is a good idea to use this live streaming feature as it can provide sustainable growth to people. Currently, even news channels have started using the live feature to broadcast the news live. This helped them gain more views and increase their follower base. So, due to the higher engagement, live videos have an increase in viewership.

Advent of live streaming apps:

Currently, many new social live streaming apps are introduced seeing the huge reception of people for live videos. For example, there is a social app known as Twitch which is entirely a live streaming platform. This social app has grabbed people’s attention because of its ability to stream live videos. There is also another social app called Rave that allows screen sharing. Moreover, it allows people to interact in real time. Many people can comment on the content and share their views. Thus, this app has gained huge reach. Currently, there are also many other social live streaming platforms that are seeing a steady increase in terms of user base. Therefore, brands can use the live feature to scale their brands and create engagement with their audience. So, in the coming times, live streams will become a major tool to generate quality leads for brands.

Ideal tool for conversational marketing:

The live feature is the best tool for conversational marketing. Once you go live with a social app, your audience will know about it. This will make people flock to your live video, which will increase its engagement rate. So, you can take advantage of this feature as it can help you get more engagement with your videos. Currently, Famouspanel offers paid services that can maximize the reach of your live videos. Today, all social platforms have live videos, including TikTok. You can also buy cheap smm panel packages of major paid services, as they can increase your video engagement rate at an unimaginable rapid rate.


One specific feature has dominated the social media industry for quite some time. Currently, live streams dominate social platforms. Therefore, if you want to maximize your brand reach, incorporate live videos into your strategy. This will allow marketers to increase the conversion rate.