Her Majesty decided ‘five years ago’ to marry Camilla when Charles becomes king

Piers Morgan congratulates future Queen Camilla

Several years ago I was invited to a star-studded Christmas lunch at Fortnum and Mason.

I sat across from an immaculately royally dressed Camilla, and to her left sat Chris Evans, who unlike the rest of the meeting in suits and boots, was dressed casually and draped in a massive amount colorful festive garlands that he wore throughout the meal. and which, in typical British fashion, no one talked about.

“Your Royal Highness,” I finally asked, “I have to address the elephant in the room – is this the first time you’ve sat next to someone dressed as a gigantic purple Christmas tree and are you as puzzled by it as I am?”

All eyes, including Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, Paul O’Grady and Dame Joanna Lumley, and a smiling Evans, turned to the Duchess.

“Good God no! she said laughing, “it’s very tame.”

Her amused reaction – I can think of a few snobby royals who would have been very arrogant about such sartorial cheekiness – said everything you need to know about the woman who has just been officially endorsed by the Queen. as the next person to hold this historic title when Prince Charles becomes king.

I’ve known Camilla for over 20 years, and we still get along oddly well, which may be because we grew up in nearby East Sussex villages – her in Plumpton, me in Newick just a mile on the road – and of course, we are both massively misunderstood and unfairly maligned public figures!