Google News and Update: Photos app will bring new features soon; Play Store removes Movies and TV tab

Google will introduce a new feature for the Photos app in the coming weeks. This time, the search engine giant aligns the theme with spring cleaning.

As the new update arrives, users will now be able to easily import images and clips that they have saved somewhere. They might also enjoy a more convenient way to share their tabs and search for screenshots.

Google Photos to bring a more organized library tab

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Many new Google Photos features are coming soon, including a new layout, sharing tab, and screenshot shortcut. Meanwhile, the Movies and TV tabs have reportedly been removed from the Play Store.

According to Google’s blog published on March 22, the first feature that will arrive for spring cleaning will be a “more sortable library tab.”

As Google Photos Product Manager Sophie Kahan wrote in the article, they are now updating the current layout to make it easier to find your favorite videos, photos, and folders in the Library tab.

With the update, you can filter media by type so you can immediately sort them later. Organizing your file and album is now effortless in Google Photos. Soon you will also be able to copy the images and even scan them with camera clips.

This would pave the way for faster sharing of memories with other people. You can actually edit them and turn them into photo books.

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Neat sharing tab

When it comes to the sharing tab, Google announced that it will be making huge changes when it comes to sections. With this, the tech titan has created specific sections for conversations, shared albums, and sharing with partners.

This feature is expected to debut on Android this week. Meanwhile, the iOS user might expect it to arrive soon.

Find your screenshots

Currently, when we take a screenshot, the saved photo usually goes to an unspecified folder. Sometimes, we tend to forget the location of these images, and without knowing it, we may have already deleted some of them.

Spring cleaning also includes the addition of a special shortcut for those who want to quickly find their latest screenshots on their phone. You can then see this section at the top of the main photo grid.

On top of that, contextual suggestions related to Google Lends will also be coming soon.

Google Remove Movies & TV tab from Play Store

According to Engadget, Google has now removed a Play Store section where the movies and TV tabs are located. That means you’ll see this time in the games, books, and apps sections.

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