Good news: Montreal’s $5 gnocchi haven’t been affected by inflation

As Canadians and people around the world continue to feel the effects of rising inflation, Montreal Italian restaurant Drogheria Fine doesn’t care about the rising cost of, well, everything, while preserving its gnocchi at $5.

Much like Montreal’s iconic $2 chow mein, Montrealers can continue to enjoy the taste of classic Drogheria Fine gnocchi without having to serve more.

The family restaurant has gained popularity in 514 by serving two simple but essential dishes, gnocchi and homemade tomato sauce.

Located on Fairmont Avenue and Clark Street, the quaint window shop serves up its classic, delicious dish in take-out containers that have likely contributed to its growing popularity — because let’s face it, who doesn’t love eating gnocchi on the go?

But better yet, who doesn’t like paying $5 for a satisfaction and large meal ?

MTL Blog spoke to Victoria Gattuso, heiress to the gnocchi throne, about the restaurant’s $5 gnocchi, and while the plan is to keep the price the same, Drogheria Fine is making slight adjustments to counter the effects of inflation.

Due to supply issues, changes to pots of tomato sauce are helping to keep Mile-End’s favorite gnocchi at $5.

“Our problem is not the price, it’s mostly the jars that are the problem; we can’t get jars,” Victoria said.

“If the jars cost $1 more, we’ll downsize and sell them for the same price.”

Drogheria Fine prefers to keep its brand concept of $5 gnocchi and $10 pots of sauce, and we’re not crazy about that.

“We really like the $5 and $10 [concept]. We try to accommodate. We are earning a little less, but we are increasing in volume.”

So while many restaurants are raising their prices to offset inflation, you can bet your last five dollars that Drogerhia Fine has you covered with its outstanding and delectable gnocchi.

Enjoy your lunch !