Good news Clippers fans! At Least You Have Isaiah Hartenstein’s Model Girlfriend Kourtney Kellar Delivering A+ Content

I have to admit, it looks like every other day. Folding shorts, cleaning stuff and driving to work? I mean aside from the driving part, it’s basically a blogger’s life. Or the life of a blogger’s significant other. That said, Kourtney Kellar is a little different. For starters, she was all over the internet for shutting down Logan Paul

Oh and it also looks like this:

Now, hey, do you want to talk about sports too? Fine. We can do that. Pels/Clippers is going to be a great watch tonight. Even with this news now:

The Clippers snuffed out the game at Minnesota, which would have had them seeded 7. Now they’re catching a Pelicans team that looked damn good against the Spurs. CJ showed why you trade for him. More importantly, even without Zion, I like what the Pels are doing in terms of Herbert Jones, Ingram, etc., these versatile guys who know their stuff. I know people loved giving Ty Lue shit, but what he did with this Clippers roster this year is worth talking about. No Paul George for the majority of the season and no Kawhi at all. Still was able to make it to the play-in tournament and now has to do it again without George.

Either way, shout out Isaiah Hartenstein and Kourtney Kellar. A little fun (and page views) before tonight’s game.