George Christensen launches “patriotic” news site

MP George Christensen will transition from politician to editor, launching a “pro-freedom” news website as he prepares to retire from the Federal Parliament.

The site, modeled on the American outlet The Drudge Report, has so far been filled with links to blogs and fringe stories that criticize COVID mask warrants and vaccinations.

One story claims that a wave of mass shootings in the United States was a “ruse” that was “coordinated by an evil force”.

Mr Christensen, the MP for Dawson, has said he will not be standing in the next election.

However, he told his followers “I won’t be leaving quietly,” and recently spoke strongly against the COVID mask rules and in favor of anti-lockdown protesters.

On Tuesday, he claimed “blockades do not work” in a House of Representatives speech and was formally reprimanded in a rare motion of condemnation by Parliament.

But the 43-year-old Queenslander has been relatively silent on what exactly he will do when he leaves Parliament.

“I can potentially have a stronger, more unfiltered voice outside of our Parliament,” Christensen said in May, announcing his intention to leave federal politics.

He regularly writes an electronic newsletter called “Nation First”.

Last month, Mr Christensen told subscribers he planned to “launch a regular YouTube show as well as a news aggregation site under the Nation First banner.”

He said these new projects “will bring you the best news and opinions regarding the pro-freedom, patriotic and conservative agenda of this e-newsletter.”

“For Australian patriots and lovers of freedom”

The deputy has not officially launched the aggregator site, but The new daily located an online news website – registered under Mr. Christensen’s name and Australian business number – operating under the title Nation First.

Mr. Christensen worked as a journalist, editor and publisher before entering Parliament.

TND contacted Mr Christensen’s office to confirm he was behind the Nation First website, but did not receive a response.

However, following TND, the website was placed behind a password-protected gateway overnight Tuesday and is no longer accessible to the public.

The Nation First website, as it appeared on Tuesday.

The publicly available domain registration information showed that the website was registered under the same ABN as Mr Christensen’s official parliamentary website. The Australian Business Register lists Mr. Christensen as the owner of this ABN.

The Nation First website is officially registered as “George R Christensen”.

Social widgets on the website, before it was copyrighted, were also linked to YouTube, Facebook and Mr Christensen’s official site.

Mr Christensen posted a video trailer on his Telegram channel early Tuesday morning, calling Nation First a “vlog for Australian patriots and freedom lovers.”

Based on dramatic instrumental music, the video alternates images including the Chinese flag superimposed on warships, a small illustrated figure pushing against a giant fist, another figure standing against a background repeatedly stamped with the word “canceled”, billionaire financier George Soros, and the phrase “enough is enough”.

The video shows the website motto “Act for Australia”.

In previous editions of his newsletter, Mr Christensen wrote “beyond the mainstream media, we are finding out the truth”.

The First Nation’s website looked a lot like The Drudge Report, a pioneer of the political blog format. As an “aggregator” model, To toil listed links to stories from other outlets, as well as the publication of original stories.

Mr Christensen’s website says it is “powered by the WP-Drudge WordPress theme,” a design scheme available for the popular WordPress blogging platform.

The website carried the slogan “News and Opinions that Put Australia First”.

George Christensen's Telegram Channel
An image from a video posted on Mr. Christensen’s telegram.

Of the 31 links posted on the site’s home page Tuesday, 30 are from US news articles.

The 31st was a link to a blog posted by Mr Christensen in January, asking former US President Donald Trump to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and claiming it would be a “blow to the deep state”.

Links posted on the site on Tuesday included, “Could the Delta Variant end the Chinese Communist Party?” “The Pentagon has just imposed incredible demands on all soldiers”; and an article claiming that the 2020 US election suffered “fraud” and “Democratic collusion with the Chinese Communist Party to illegally influence the election.”

Another Nation First-related article, published in April, claimed that a wave of mass shootings in the United States had been “suspiciously programmed with new leftist pressure for gun control.”

“Isn’t it obvious that this is coordinated by some evil force?” It’s no accident, ”says the article, published on the fringe site Creative Destruction Media.

Mr Christensen has said he will not run in the next election, scheduled for May 2022.

He asserted that “the policy is broken”, criticizing the “mainstream media and a series of other institutions … have their tentacles wrapped around the system and it is very difficult to move the Conservative agenda forward.”

Lately, as reported Crykey, Mr. Christensen used his newsletter to promote book purchases on Amazon, through the website’s affiliate marketing program.

He then added a note to his emails, to disclose “As an Amazon Associate, I earn Qualifying Purchases.”

Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program offers “up to 10% associate commissions on qualifying purchases and programs.”