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Tourism has been the sector most affected in the world by the coronavirus crisis. Ireland, like so many other countries, put this sector on the back burner for nearly two years. But in February 2022, he will be ready to launch his new marketing campaign, with the help of Imax, but also thanks to a mixture of integrated marketing and data management.

March 2020: Paid tourism advertising in Ireland is on hiatus

Digital marketing is often the strategic center of companies, and it was the same for this great country, before the arrival of the coronavirus. Ireland had a good time with its paid advertising in online media, until March 2020 when it decided to stop everything it was doing. It took over a month for the management team to decide what they were going to do. They knew, however, that staying completely away from customers and partners is never good in the long run. When you visit a site like, you find many ways to stay in touch, thanks to online marketing. And that’s what Tourism Ireland did, taking the decision to switch to social media, in order to maintain a certain level of open communication.

As they aimed to stay connected with their industry partners, tourists and media, they ran this social media campaign on their own accounts, but also on their partner platforms. Their posts could be considered as regular posts, but also through paid posts. The message centered on nine different elements, which were meant to be good reminders of the country. He focused on the things people knew and loved most about Ireland.

Preparing for the return of tourists a year later

It was in May 2021 that Tourism Ireland decided it was time to start preparing for a return of tourists to their country. The aim was to reassure potential visitors about the security they would find once inside the country. They knew the travel restrictions were about to be eased and they let everyone around the world know about it.

However, it was still a touchy subject, and they wanted to make sure they didn’t upset or irritate anyone. Therefore, they chose to hold back from taking a ‘book now’ approach, preferring instead to aim for the near future, announcing that the time had come to start planning a trip to Ireland.

During these two years, they worked with Imax to prepare a documentary on Ireland, in order to be ready at the end of the crisis, to acquire new visitors. The campaign was part of the global “Green Button” campaign, which appeals to culturally curious travellers.

Tourism Ireland: a leader in marketing technology

Before it all turned south, Tourism Ireland had already been investing in digital marketing technology for nearly two years. They continued to do so, throughout the pandemic. Today, they consider themselves to be one of the leaders in the field, in their sector (tourism). They focus on the best digital relationship with their customers, in the business. Their communication with travelers is highly personalized and provides the right content for each individual.