Friday Poll: What is your main source of information on social networks?

Facebook unveiled its big news feed yesterday. The result is more focus on photos and a “following” tab that will allow users to see all the updates from the pages and people they want, instead of relying on Facebook’s mysterious algorithm to deliver messages to them.

If it sounds a bit like how Twitter works, It is not a coincidence. Twitter has a reputation for being a source of breaking news, a place to follow comments as they happen. Facebook’s changes could put it in a similar position. All you would do is click the “Forward” tab to watch the news feed from your favorite sources.

The overall result of these changes is that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all start to look a lot alike. The evolution of the social media newsfeed may be nearly complete.

That leaves us with several social media sources that allow you to watch a feed of updates and decide for yourself where to focus your attention. You have options, but which is your top spot for the news?

Are you a Twitter junkie with a knack for picking the most useful tweets? Are you a Facebook fan who aggregates information from your friends and fan pages? Perhaps Google+ is your stomping ground.

How do these Facebook News Feed changes work for you? Is Facebook your primary source of social media information? Vote in our poll and talk about it in the comments.