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Coming out this morning, I think there was a collective “ahhhh”. Temperatures were cooler and the humidity was washed away. At this time yesterday we were sitting in a tropical air mass before the showers and thunderstorms rolled in and opened the door to a more comfortable air mass today.

In addition to the comfortable humidity, it was still warm which made today an exceptional July day. We had a few high clouds but temperatures still hit the 80s for most of us.

Low humidity allows temperatures to fluctuate more. It’s easier to warm up and it’s easier to cool down. That’ll set up a good night’s sleep tonight, in fact, you can probably let the AC rest and go with the windows instead. Temperatures for many of us will dip into the 50s overnight.

Tomorrow will be another hot July day. Humidity will remain comfortable but temperatures will rise a bit. We will have good autonomy tomorrow because of the sea breeze. Temperatures ranging from the lower 80s where the sea breeze has an influence to the upper 80s where it does not. We will also have more sun tomorrow than what we saw today.

If there’s a theme in July (OK, I’m guessing two), it’s been hot and dry. Both seem like understatements. To date, Boston has only seen 0.58″ of rain this month. If Boston doesn’t see a drop of rain by the end of the month, it would be the driest July 4 on record. We have a few thunderstorms in the forecast, but they are isolated, so no guarantee that they will produce measurable rain at Logan Airport. The numbers below are for the entire month, so a thunderstorm over Logan would knock it out of contention for the top 5 driest Julys on record.

It was also hot. To date, this is the top 10 hottest July on record in Boston. Of course, this is perhaps not incredibly surprising given that we have just completed a 7 day stretch of temperatures over 90 degrees – even reaching 100° on Sunday. With much of the 7-day forecast above average, we are likely to increase this list by the end of the month.

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